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Links (5/17/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 17, 2007

  1. Understanding SharePoint – Part 1 – Understanding the SharePoint Portal Server Indexer
  2. SharePoint 2007 Filter webparts – using the Page Field Filter webpart on a Lookup field
  3. Deploying web parts as a feature
  4. Deploying master pages and page layouts as a feature
  5. Sample code – creating list based site columns as a feature
  6. Feature to create lookup fields on Codeplex
  7. Creating list-based site columns as a feature
  8. Series : how to create common MOSS site artifacts as features
  9. Deploying content types as a feature
  10. How to debug SharePoint feature receivers
  11. Creating lists with VSeWSS
  12. Determine If SharePoint Context Is Secure (SSL)
  13. GatWeb – Extensions for STSADM – backupwebapp, getwebproperty, setwebproperty, enumlistevents
  14. Role based MySite Templates for MOSS 2007
  15. MOSS 2007 Trick – Search Scopes + Managed Properties = Tasty Dish!
  16. Just Published on MSDN (5/17/2007) – lots of nuggets: articles and webcasts
  17. Customizing MOSS 2007 My Sites within the enterprise
  18. How to create a hyperlink in Reporting Services that opens in a new window
  19. MOSS 2007 – Where are my content types being used?
  20. Return Current User SharePoint MySite URL

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