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Part 5: Deploy the Solution to SharePoint 2007

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 6, 2007

This is Part 5 of a series on creating web parts and deploying them to SharePoint using a VS 2005 Solution Project. There are 6 parts in the series.

1. Now that we have a solution project (HelloWorld.Solution.wsp), the next step is to add the solution to SharePoint and deploy it.
2. Open the VS2005 Command Prompt
3. Assuming you have stsadm.exe in the path (see other web sites on how to do this), switch to the folder where the HelloWorld.Solution.wsp file is located.
4. Type in the following. Note, you may receive a “Command Line Error” if you copy the command and paste in. Manually type in the command.

stsadm.exe –o addsolution –filename HelloWorld.Solution.wsp

5. If you need to delete the solution, run the following command. Be sure the solution has been retracted first or you will see error messages. Note, you may receive a “Command Line Error” if you copy the command and paste in. Manually type in the command.

stsadm.exe –o deletesolution –name HelloWorld.Solution.wsp -override

6. Now that solution has been added, we must deploy the solution in the Central Administration web site.
7. Select Start-Administrative Tools-SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration
8. Once you are in the CA web site, click on the Operations tab
9. Click the Solution Management link under the Global Configuration heading
10. Click on the helloworld.solution solution link
11. On the Solution Properties page, click the Deploy Solution link button
12. On the Deploy Solution page, click the OK button
13. Assuming everything worked, the Solution Management page will display and the helloworld.solution solution is deployed

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  1. Michal Bojko said

    there is a document that gathers deployment methods for most common types of solutions like webparts, workflows, lists and infopath forms + how to package them with differen tools. maybe it will be useful to someone:


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