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Archive for June 19th, 2007

Links (6/19/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 19, 2007

  1. Excel 2007 White Paper
  2. Operations for the STSADM command-line tool in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
  3. Adding a Sites Listing (& Setting Owner) from WSS Object Model
  4. Announcing three CodePlex projects for community WCM code samples
  5. Step-by-Step – A REAL world upgrade of a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS) farm to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) – detailed blog post
  6. Making the Quick Launch appear again on Web Part pages stored in a document library
  7. Professional SharePoint 2007 Development: The Book – very good book
  8. Community Kit for SharePoint 2.0 Pre-Release announcement
  9. sharepoint alerts: how to repair them after a web app move
  10. LINQ to SharePoint – Announcing the 0.2 alpha release
  11. SharePoint 2007 Filter webparts – using the Page Field Filter webpart on a Lookup field
  12. Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services part 1 – Preparing the AD for Kerberos
  13. Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services part 2 – Preparing the MOSS server
  14. Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services part 3 – Create and test an Excel sheet
  15. Common (and simple) coding tasks in SharePoint
  16. Getting Away From Fully Trusted Web Parts
  17. How to render Views of Lists
  18. Tab highlighting in Top Navigation Bar
  19. Custom Navigation Tabs
  20. SPSiteDataQuery – The query cannot be completed because the number of lists in the query exceeded the allowable limit
  21. Using a custom stylesheet for a custom Content Query Webpart
  22. PopFly and Sharepoint integration sceencast
  23. WSPBuilder – A SharePoint Solution (WSP) creation tool
  24. Turning a domain user into a full blown MOSS2007 farm administrator
  25. MOSS2007 – JavaScript Item Menus Part 1 (Real World Examples)
  26. MOSS2007 – JavaScript Item Menus Part 2 (Real World Examples)
  27. MOSS2007 – JavaScript Item Menus Part 3 (Real World)
  28. MOSS2007 – Business Data Catalog using BDCMetaMan
  29. MOSS2007 – Where are my content types being used?
  30. Creating a General-Purpose, Asynchronous SOAP Client in ASP.NET 2.0
  31. SharePoint – IE Crashes when opening Office documents – problem occurs when you have (had) two versions of office installed. remove the owssupp.dll version you are no longer using.
  32. Customizing Best Bets – customize the search results coming from the SharePoint search engine
  33. NO! Your SharePoint Farm Account does NOT need local admin privileges. So don’t give it them!
  34. SharePoint as an IT Service Offering

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