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Links (6/26/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 26, 2007

  1. The SharePoint Community – SharePoint Blogs – i’m missing from the list 😦
  2. Free SharePoint DataView Tips
  3. HowTo: Using SharePoint Calculated Columns to Display a List Item as “X” Days Old
  4. Using [Today] in a Calculated Formula (Birthday Lists)
  5. “Failed to configure propagation share.” Error Configuring Office SharePoint Server Search
  6. Fred’s Custom (SharePoint) Workflow Commandments
  7. Two extremely useful (and free!) SharePoint addons have updated commercial offerings
  8. Interoperability TechCenter for MOSS 2007 goes live
  9. Content Tagging Feature in MOSS 2007
  10. ISSUE – Deleted SharePoint document library re-appears in Outlook 2007
  11. MOSS + AJAX + A tinkle of Imagination = Endless Web 2.0 Possibilities
  12. Recommended Guidelines for Search Boundaries
  13. Site Collection Logical Architecture
  14. SharePoint 2007 Single Sign-On Setup
  15. SharePoint Database Growth Rates
  16. **** Tips and Tricks From MOSS 2007 Development Training
  17. Managing your sites & site collections with stsadm
  18. **** Developer tip – Testing SharePoint timer jobs in a development environment
  19. AAM, Vanity URL workarounds
  20. Modifying Grouped By Headers, Part Deux
  21. Hotfix for Windows Workflow Foundation Delay Activity problems
  22. New addin – Excel 2007 can now do two-way sync to a SharePoint list

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