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Links (7/12/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on July 12, 2007

  1. **** SharePoint Logs That Make Sense
  2. Debugging Feature in SharePoint 2007
  3. How to implement debug option in SharePoint Application within VS 2005 with complete call stack instead of custom error page
  4. Change a Filename using a Workflow
  5. Locking Down Custom SharePoint Assemblies
  6. Creating custom 404 and landing pages (easy to remember URLs that are redirected) in SharePoint
  7. Modifying ‘system’ pages in SharePoint safely – with sample code
  8. ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider and SharePoint 2007 and Forms Based Authentication
  9. Resources for SharePoint Second Wave – Michael has put together a great list of links
  10. Browser Crashes when Opening Office Documents from SharePoint
  11. How to enable anonymous access for a site collection and disable anonymous access for sub-sites
  12. Deploy a SharePoint list template to SharePoint MySites
  13. Site Restore with SharePoint Designer limitation and work around
  14. Best Practice on Backups
  15. Backup and restore your website using SharePoint Designer
  16. The My Site drives
  17. Cleaning Inactive Profiles from SharePoint 2007
  18. Creating Sites From Templates
  19. Lessons Learned Part II — Upgrading Code That Has Been Deployed
  20. Which server the SharePoint Central Administration web site should be installed on and how to move it there
  21. Uploading files to WSS 3.0 document libraries using HTTP PUT and Lists.asmx
  22. ASP.Net User Control as Web Parts
  23. Creating SharePoint document library folders from CSV file
  24. CQ CQ CQ Using the SharePoint Content Query Web Part with the Fantastic 40 Application Templates
  25. Son of Smartpart article repost
  26. Implementing Workflow and BPM Solutions on the MOSS 2007 Platform
  27. Hey There, Mr. 50,000 Properties Guy – good advice on creating controls
  28. How to filter a SharePoint List or Library by WorkFlow approval status
  29. Capacity Planning Key Info
  30. How to change service accounts and their passwords in MOSS and WSS 3.0
  31. Enhanced Content Query Web Part goes Beta 2
  32. ‘Customizing SharePoint the supported way’ – slides and sample code now available
  33. 10 Steps To Effective SharePoint Project Management
  34. Building professional internet sites using MOSS 2007 – Metatags (Part 1)
  35. Building professional internet sites using MOSS 2007 – Metatags (Part 2)
  36. Building professional internet sites using MOSS 2007 – Page Titles (Part 3)
  37. MOSS User Profile Info – How the information flows
  38. Fix the ‘problems’ in your Site
  39. **** SharePoint 2007: All you ever wanted to know about User Profiles
  40. SharePoint Designer Workflows
  41. LINQ to SharePoint – Improving the parser == debugger visualizer fun
  42. LINQ to SharePoint team blog
  43. Porting SharePoint Designer Workflows to Visual Studio
  44. Why SharePoint Projects Fail
  45. Calling WSS 3.0 Web Services from WCF clients
  46. **** Lessons learned from a real world implementation – Part I
  47. Overview of SharePoint Navigation
  48. SharePoint Solution Deployment: Handy Post-Build Events
  49. Blank “Author” field when querying document libraries
  50. **** All you ever wanted to know about SharePoint 2007 Site Templates
  51. **** Understanding Why SharePoint Server 2007 is so “Chatty” with SQL Server
  52. Customizing the WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 Menu Control — MossMenu source code released
  53. SharePoint OOTB Web Parts
  54. Control the Modifiability of a Workflow
  55. Automated Backup Script for MOSS 2007
  56. Having trouble deleting a page layout because it’s still being referenced?
  57. Considerations when using Features to deploy SharePoint files – ghosting/unghosting
  58. How to create SearchAlert Programmatically?
  59. How to convert a class library project type to a SharePoint Solution project type
  60. Finding all references where a master page, page layout, or other file is used in a MOSS 2007 Publishing (WCM) site
  61. Defining multiple authentication providers to a single MOSS 2007 web application
  62. LINQ for SharePoint
  63. How to set Item Level Permission for MOSS/WSS List/Document Library Programmatically
  64. Creating KPI’s from PerformancePoint Planning Cubes
  65. Foxit PDF IFilter for 64-bit SharePoint Installations
  66. Xpress XML for Microsoft SharePoint
  67. Custom Site Theme for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS 2007) and WSS 3.0
  68. Using SharePoint Designer to optimize your pages
  69. Custom Site Definition with Custom Master Page for SharePoint Portal Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and WSS 3.0
  70. **** 5 Steps to a Great SharePoint User Experience
  71. Integrating Office 2007 and SAP using VSTO
  72. STSADM GUI Tool from Microsoft
  73. How to Add the Attachment from an InfoPath 2007 Form to a Document Library
  74. Integrating with PerformancePoint Planning – Best Practices
  75. Customizing SharePoint Search
  76. How to Implement Form Based authentication in MOSS/WSS using AspNetSqlMembershipProvider
  77. Working with SPGridView – all in one
  78. Filtering with SPGridView
  79. It’s FINALLY here! Get your Office 2007/Office 2003 co-existence patch NOW!
  80. Crawling external web sites
  81. Programmatically download a document
  82. Tons of New SharePoint Now Content Live on MSDN – July 12, 2007
  83. Migrating SharePoint Portal 2003 Database to SharePoint 2007 using Content Database Migration

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