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Links (7/29/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on July 29, 2007

  1. **** Tools of a SharePoint consultant
  2. Sharepoint Sales Break US$800m – great news for someone starting a new job as a SharePoint consultant tomorrow
  3. Display CSS Classes within SharePoint
  4. Utilizing Custom Navigation Controls in MOSS
  5. Telerik: New Resources for MOSS 2007 available!
  6. MOSS interop
  7. Before/After properties not available for InfoPath content types in Form Library – MOSS 2007
  8. What if you need to hide site templates in MOSS 2007?
  9. BizTalk Architects on Facebook
  10. WSS FAQ additions and changes LXV – 23rd – 29th July 2007
  11. SP Event Recievers Firing 10 Times On Purpose?
  12. SharePoint Data View Part Magic and Search
  13. Using calculated field on Yes/No fields
  14. Easy way of Editing Customized Theme in MOSS 2007
  15. Updated Base Master Page for Collaboration Sites
  16. MOSS2007 – Item Level Menus using “EditControlBlock”
  17. MOSS2007 – Item Level Menu Items using “EditControlBlock” (Part 2)
  18. MOSS2007 – Portal Connections and Quick Launch Items (Part 2)
  19. Illegal characters in Site URL (repost)
  20. ASP.NET WebPart Life Cycle reminder (repost)
  21. Word 2007 Content Control mapping tool (repost)
  22. EventHandlerManager
  23. SharePoint Data View Part Magic and Search
  24. Certification Tests for WSS and MOSS
  25. SharePoint Designer 2007 Backup: Totally Broken for Sites Greater than 24MB in size
  26. Performance Benchmarks for SharePoint Lists
  27. MOSS Metadata Propperty Mapping Wierdness
  28. How to create a minimal.master for WSS
  29. Business Data Catalog Read and Write? You got it!

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