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Expand VHD File

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 7, 2007

Today I needed to expand a VHD file. Below are the “easy” steps I followed to get it working.
1. Download VHD Resizer and follow instructions to expand the VHD file. The problem is the extra space will be unformatted raw space.

2. Download Virtual Server. Do a Custom install and only install VHDMount. I use only VPC 2007 so I only cared about VHDMount.

3. Open a Command Prompt and type the following commands (in the host OS). Note: I copied the vhd file to the same directory as VHDMount.

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Links (8/7/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 7, 2007

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  7. SharePoint Services Gotcha, Field names with Whitespaces
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  11. Anonymous Comment Feature for SharePoint Blog – now available on CodePlex
  12. MOSS and Database Mirroring
  13. SharePoint Skillset
  14. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Remote Blob Storage API
  15. This item is currently being updated by…
  16. .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.42 – Fatal Execution Engine Error (7A05E2B3) (80131506)
  17. This control does not allow connection strings with the following keywords: ‘Integrated Security’, ‘Trusted_Connection’”
  18. Give a user access to the SSP
  19. Customizing ListFormWebPart URL Returns
  20. Strange Resolution – Page Layout Error: ‘Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls’ along with Master Page Gallery Error: “This item cannot be deleted because it is still referenced by other pages.
  21. Archtecting for SharePoint Governance and Content
  22. How do I? – Work around the BUG where Site Columns for a custom Site Content Type do not show up as field controls in SharePoint Designer when customizing the Page Layout
  23. How do I? – Make a new Content Type available in SharePoint 2007
  24. How do I? – Create a new Content Type in SharePoint 2007
  25. How do I? – Add a new Site Column in SharePoint 2007
  26. Creating, deploying and updating custom site definitions
  27. Learn more on building OBAs (Office Business Applications)
  28. Some users cannot view a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web site when added as part of an AD group
  29. Test Whether SPUser Is In SPGroup
  30. Flash News Ticker for SharePoint (via Michael Gannotti)

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August Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Announcement

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 7, 2007


The August Cincinnati SharePoint User Group meeting will take place on 8/13 (sorry I had the wrong date before) at 6:00 pm at MAX Technical Training in Mason. Check out the website. There are two sessions:

  1. How Shepherd Color Company utilizes SharePoint
  2. Shane Young will speak on Search

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