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Links (8/9/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 9, 2007

  1. **** SharePoint Logs That Make Sense – Log Parser 2.2
  2. **** New U2U Download: Developer Info for Lists Feature
  3. **** Impersonation in SharePoint 2007 ……
  4. Adding webparts as Suggested Webparts to your pages in SharePoint 2007
  5. Explorer View in WSS v2
  6. Renaming Issue with a Site Column in SharePoint
  7. New version of the Package Explorer
  8. Flawless MOSS 2007 Install
  9. How Rules in Audiences work
  10. Upgrading SharePoint Site Definitions from v2 to v3
  11. JavaScript, SharePoint, and the getElementById Blues
  12. Online Resources for InfoPath 2007 Template Parts
  13. SharePoint Server and the Deathly Hallows – good information on large lists/records repositories, massive databases, and massive site collections
  14. Use GUIDs in your custom webtemp*.xml files
  15. MOSS Supports Live Earth – How we built Conservation International’s Public Websites
  16. Compatibility between Infopath 2003 and MOSS 2007
  17. MOSS 2007 supports Live Earth – Conservation International’s Public Web Sites – How We Did It (Part 1 of 2)
  18. Solving SharePoint site not assigned to an indexer
  19. ActiveDirectory/LDAP: How to get the logon name of a user?
  20. Enable Spell Check in the Full Featured Telerik MOSS Editor
  21. Building breadcrumb navigation for a multiview InfoPath 2007 web based form
  22. Fantasy, Free Code and the SharePoint Model

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