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Archive for August 14th, 2007

Links (8/14/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 14, 2007

  1. **** Why? Audience Targeting not Targeting. All Items Still Being Displayed
  2. **** Rails, Django and SharePoint or Pick your asp.net replacement
  3. 101 Ways To Know Your Software Project Is Doomed
  4. SharePoint WebPart Dev Tip
  5. Syntax for SPLongOperation.End(string sRedirectUrl)
  6. Troubleshooting SharePoint crawler keeps on crawling
  7. Should You Test SharePoint GUID’s?
  8. SharePoint 2007 – Control how Office SharePoint 2007 gets installed
  9. STSADM.EXE tool explained
  10. Custom C# MOSS Navigation Using PortalSiteMapProvider
  11. The xsi:nil attribute, the correct way
  12. Search Your SharePoint Intranet from Windows Vista Search
  13. Changing the Location of SharePoint Database Files
  14. TF0162: Task “SharePointPortal” from Group “Portal” failed
  15. Unable to configure SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard
  16. Update: Office Developer Poster – Looks so much better now!
  17. LINQ to SharePoint 0.2.3 alpha hits the streets
  18. Antivirus Solutions for MOSS
  19. Site definition customizations versus using feature stapling Part 2
  20. Manifest.xml Entries Needed for Deploying Telerik ASP.Net Controls into MOSS
  21. GroupIds and Locations in CustomAction Elements within a Feature Element Manifest
  22. Modifying MySites in MOSS2007
  23. How to use MOSS 2007 Out of Box Send Mail function & SPUtility
  24. UploadToContentTypeTool
  25. MOSS Publishing Pages and Encoded GUID’s
  26. Site definitions – custom code in the site creation process
  27. UI matters: Menus and ToolBars vs. Office 2007 Ribbons

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