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Links (8/30/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on August 30, 2007

  1. **** Create DDF/WSP Tool – now with Manifest!
  2. **** SharePoint Resource Guide
  3. **** SharePoint 2007 – Development and Engineering Practices
  4. Which SharePoint edition is right for you? – includes pricing
  5. Progammatically Adding Folders to a SharePoint List
  6. Importing a Word Document using InfoPath 2007 (Simple Example)
  7. Extend The PublishingLayoutPage Class – Create Your Own to Run Code in the ‘Page’
  8. Document Library “Send to” copies a bit broken
  9. Knowledge Base application template – don’t try to move it!
  10. Dynamic CAML Query
  11. Testing Whether A User Has SPBasePermission On SPList Object
  12. .NET Rocks! #268 – Vishwas Lele on MOSS as an Application Platform
  13. Permissions, Security – useful resources
  14. How to free your DataForm WebPart from those nasty GUIDs
  15. SharePoint applications – Architecture and Design lessons learned (so far)
  16. Creating a library of user controls in a single DLL – and that will work in MOSS!
  17. Adding a document Link to a Sharepoint Document Library in code
  18. Programmatically getting the value of an SPField from inside a publishing page
  19. Getting the call stack inside of Sharepoint 2007 / WSS v3
  20. Adding a custom Resource file to use in your Sharepoint 2007 Feature.xml file
  21. SPGridview and collapsed grouping by default
  22. SPContext.Current.FormContext
  23. SPFormContextif (SPContext.Current.FormContext.FormMode == SPControlMode.Display) { }
  24. SharePoint Publishing’s including the Long Awaited SharePoint Data Migration Tools from Kimmo Forss!
  25. UI matters (Revisited): Menus and ToolBars vs. Office 2007 Ribbons
  26. MOSS 2007 and SPS 2003/SPS 2001 migration tools public release
  27. Bringing Live Search to your SharePoint Site
  28. AJAX SharePoint List Rotator WebPart
  29. Crawling a DFS Tree in SharePoint Server 2007
  30. Web Services on SharePoint – making F5 Work

One Response to “Links (8/30/2007)”

  1. Harlan said

    I saw your post about the SPMigration tool, which is great, but I wanted something a biteasier to use and just for Exchange Public Folders and SharePoint.

    I recently hired a developer to build a tool that that migrates Exchange public folder data to SharePoint. It is a .Net application, a self contained exe, and only needs to run on workstation with Outlook. You just point to an exchange server and a sharepoint server and click a migrate button. It is now complete and I would like to share the code with others so that it can be refined and customized as needed.

    Your blog looks to be a good source to get communications like this out. I uploaded it to http://www.codeplex.com/pfmigration. Let me know if you find the tool valuable to post something about it

    Thanks in advance!

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