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Links (9/30/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 30, 2007

  1. SharePoint 2007 Learning Guide
  2. PerformancePoint Server 2007: What is it and how can I get started?
  3. SharePoint Reporting Solution
  4. Add a new SPGroup programmatically to SharePoint
  5. WSS FAQ additions and corrections LXXIII – 23rd – 29th September 2007
  6. Can’t delete Domain Group alerts if the Group is deleted
  7. Still be aware of Cascading Deletes in WSS/MOSS
  8. Check out the Cool SharePoint sites
  9. Creating a Event Log and Event Log Source for InfoPath Forms .NET code
  10. Office Space: Events in SharePoint 2007
  11. SharePoint & Outlook – The Perfect Link
  12. Master Page debugging 2: CSS
  13. Getting a pulse on the SharePoint blogosphere
  14. Great resource for the proper way to do things in MOSS 2007
  15. Known SharePoint Issue: Switching from inherited to custom permissions!
  16. SharePoint Beagle – SharePoint newsletter from Bob Mixon (et al.)
  17. SharePoint Tip: Creating custom columns
  18. Versioning settings on document libraries
  19. Workaround – “Error” in navigation when creating a publishing site from code
  20. MOSS & WSS3 Licensing made simple…<SIC>
  21. InfoPath & SharePoint
  22. MRO Workflow case study using MOSS, SPD, InfoPath & web services
  23. Update on the switch: six weeks after switching from MSFT virtualization to VMWare’s offerings
  24. Setting Permissions Through Code

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Links (9/27/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 27, 2007

  1. **** Branding SharePoint – Part 2: Creating the Design in SharePoint
  2. **** Adding own custom web service to SharePoint
  3. **** List Types & List Internal ID available within MOSS 2007
  4. **** SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Using Background Images in your Site Design
  5. Doing Records Management in SharePoint 2007 Part 1 (Intro)
  6. SharePoint 2007 – Content Editor Web Part and Absolute Url’s
  7. SharePoint Programmatically: Managing Solutions
  8. Using the ElementFile node in Feature definitions saves you in the deployment
  9. SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) how to change the template link within a InfoPath Form under a Form Library to point it to a New Form Template
  10. Generating Test Data
  11. Branding SharePoint – something near and dear to my heart
  12. MOSS2007 – Show InfoPath fields within CQWP (Yes you can)
  13. SharePoint Wiki: Create pages based on a template
  14. Why is SharePoint slow when I first use it?
  15. Kerberos and MOSS case sensitive?
  16. 2 Stage Recycle Bin and recovery thoughts
  17. Best Practices in Javascript Library Design
  18. InfoPath Form Services and Workflow Tasks
  19. The SharePoint Application Platform Debate
  20. Writing a Batch File to Run Back Ups
  21. Summary Links User Control for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
  22. Consumimg Web Services in BizTalk
  23. Custom Master Pages = Optimized PerformancePoint Dashboard Appearance
  24. Neat Commenting Trick With #Debug
  25. SharePoint 2007 Best Practices
  26. Learning something new every day! – For those craving keyboard efficiency morsels and “12 Folder” From Here!
  27. SharePoint Intranet Site Example – MSLibrary
  28. So what are Audiences?
  29. Hotfixes, service packs, and password resets
  30. Displaying a File Extension in a SharePoint Library
  31. Updated RSS Aggregator Web Part
  32. Localizing SharePoint 2007 site columns using resource files

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Links (9/25/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 25, 2007

  1. **** Important change to MOSS 2007 for Internet Sites (MOSSFIS) licensing
  2. Why won’t my site Quick Launch navigation accept relative URLs?
  3. Deep Dive SharePoint 2007 Object Model – using ClassMaster.
  4. SharePoint and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF)
  5. SharePoint for Web Content Management (WCM)
  6. Stapling Features to the Global Site Definition
  7. Create Your Own Data Entry Form Web Part
  8. Article: Coding Options for Building InfoPath Forms
  9. SharePoint is a good development platform for applications
  10. Setting up a team site: Content Web Parts (Part 3)
  11. Getting Some SharePoint Object URL’s In C#
  12. Ways of showing lists in Multiple sites and subsites for WSS v3
  13. Fabulous 40 Application Templates for Sharepoint – Demo Sites
  14. SharePoint Learning Kit
  15. Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Sizing and Configuration tool by HP (New!)
  16. SAP integration with MOSS
  17. SharePoint is an Awesome Dev App Platform
  18. Creating and deploying a Custom Site Definition as a feature
  19. Planning updates to your WSS/MOSS server farm
  20. Exam 70-542: Study recommendations (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Application Development)
  21. Create a SharePoint Server 2007 Custom Master Page and Page Layouts for a Web Content Management Site
  22. Optimize a SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management Site for Performance
  23. Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model
  24. Listing all sites per variations – an STSADM extension solution
  25. New RSS Feeds for Office and SharePoint Developers
  26. Sharepoint Links
  27. Farms, Web Apps, Site Collections, Sites – what is configured at what level?
  28. Alternate Access Mappings
  29. No Left Navigation when new web part pages are created in SharePoint
  30. Offline SharePoint Client
  31. SPFile.Item == null and SPFolder.Item == null
  32. MOSS2007 – Get the CQWP to output raw HTML Tags
  33. Positioning Microsoft Office SharePoint – Part 1
  34. SharePoint Application Services for Reporting and Dashboards
  35. Update: Display “Append Changes to Existing Text” Fields in a Custom List Form Web Part
  36. Adhoc Task Rollup – accessing the content database directly
  37. Changing user profile information – in the case of a user getting married – accessing the content database directly
  38. WebPartOrder not being respected

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Links (9/23/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 23, 2007

  1. **** Changes to MOSSFIS Licensing – from Tom Rizzo
  2. Step-by-Step MOSS Installation Videos from Rodney Viana
  3. Planning and architecture for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 technology
  4. MOSS Development: Getting your environment up and running
  5. CAML.NET Framework Documentation Now Online
  6. CAML.NET Framework Source Available on CodePlex
  7. MOSS 2007 Search Tips & Tricks
  8. “Save site as template” option and the publishing feature
  9. Deep Dive into the SharePoint Content Deployment and Migration API – Part 1
  10. Deep Dive into the SharePoint Content Deployment and Migration API – Part 2
  11. Deep Dive into the SharePoint Content Deployment and Migration API – Part 3
  12. Deep Dive into the SharePoint Content Deployment and Migration API – Part 4
  13. WSS FAQ additions and changes LXXII – 17th – 22nd September 2007
  14. Which SharePoint edition is right for you – follow up
  15. MOSS 2007 Filter webparts part 1 – create your own provider and consumer
  16. MOSS 2007 Filter webparts part 2 – providing and consuming a default value and using Excel Services
  17. Brand Yourself with a SharePoint My Site
  18. Using a hyperlink in the group description of a SharePoint group
  19. Copy / Migrate a SharePoint site to another farm by using a SQL Server backup
  20. Uploading a site template in MOSS
  21. Sharepoint is not a “good” development platform or joining Jeffrey’s flame war!
  22. No default view == unable to upload documents
  23. Huge MOSS Workflow Issue… What is Microsoft Thinking!!!! – “Workflow Auto Cleanup” option available which is available under the MOSS 2007 Central Administration located at “Central Administration > Operations > Timer Job Definitions
  24. SharePoint Role Definitions, Role Assignments and Rights
  25. Is your company still trying to figure out Collaboration?
  26. Want to connect to Windows Sharepoint services or Sharepoint Server programmatically?
  27. Performance Point Server released
  28. Sharepoint MySites / Profile Importer and Active Directory
  29. How other companies are using SharePoint – two case studies
  30. WSS, doc libs & lists, Calculated columns involving [Me]
  31. Working With Features Through Code
  32. SharePoint compliancy
  33. Technical Whitepaper on Microsoft Deployed SharePoint Server 2007 Search

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Iterate through Items in a List

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 21, 2007

As a way to learn the SharePoint Object Model, I decided to create an application which will display all items (e.g. Sites, Subsites, Content Types, Features, Fields, Lists, Users, etc.) for a top-level site. I know there are other ones out there (SharePoint Inspector, Feature Explorer, etc.) but they don’t have all the features I want (I have ideas!) and what fun is it using someone else’s when you can create your own.

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Links (9/20/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 20, 2007

  1. **** Content Query Web Part Alternative for WSS 3.0
  2. **** “12 Folder” From Here
  3. MOSS 2007 Records Management Deployment and Configuration (Virtual Lab)
  4. Change the SQL Server in a MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 Farm
  5. SharePoint 2007 Product Comparison download
  6. Fastest way to create a list schema
  7. Why InfoPath?
  8. More SharePoint Resources as I Compile Lists for Clients. At Least Two More Including Windows Media Services and Social Networking Resources on the Way Today
  9. Create Workflow Feature to Copy Content to New List
  10. Web Content Management (WCM) sites with SharePoint
  11. Employee Training and Scheduling Template – a couple fixes Part 1
  12. Employee Training and Scheduling Template – a couple fixes Part 2
  13. Become Presence Aware with your WebParts with just an email!
  14. SharePoint 2007 Workflow (WWF) VS OpenText Livelink Workflow – what’s the cost of OpenText Livelink Workflow? couldn’t find it on the website.
  15. Site Map Web Part for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) – navigation
  16. Navigation Custom Control for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
  17. Free SharePoint Document Workflow Workshop – Part 4 on Workflow Task
  18. Blog post series about the SharePoint Content Deployment API and framework
  19. Everyday Productivity Education: Wiki format
  20. How to Create a SharePoint 2007 Workflow using Visual Studio 2008 Beta (Example)
  21. Installing SharePoint 2007 Server on a single machine
  22. Document List Folder/File Manipulation in SharePoint 2007
  23. Return A Document Library GUID
  24. Some great SharePoint training
  25. Developing SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites the Smart and Structured Way
  26. Updating List Information in SharePoint via Web Services
  27. Case Study: Davis Langdon MOSS 2007 story
  28. Import/Export and New Content Databases
  29. Get SPList By URL In C#
  30. Video: Working with Closed Web Parts Tutorial on SharePointHosting.com
  31. A Legal Hold without the Records Center feature of MOSS 2007
  32. Random Date calculation formats

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Links (9/18/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 18, 2007

  1. **** Ten things you should now about SharePoint master pages from JOPX
  2. **** Performance Guidelines for MOSS
  3. **** SharePoint 2007 Entity Hard / Maximum Limitations
  4. **** MOSS Out of the Box Web Parts
  5. **** SharePoint 2007 Web Services and Forms Authentication
  6. Types of MOSS Server Farms
  7. SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Welcome Menu Arrow Display
  8. SharePoint: Custom Field Type for MultiLine text
  9. Where does the “Site Level Warnings” in MOSS log
  10. Workflow with SharePoint Designer – collecting data
  11. Re-parenting a SharePoint Designer workflow to a different list
  12. Faceted Search on CodePlex
  13. Creating a Custom Report View Plug-in for PerformancePoint Server 2007 ~ Code Sample
  14. Get paid by Microsoft to deliver a deployment plan
  15. How to install SharePoint Server 2007 on a single machine
  16. User Permissions for Web Application
  17. Fix for ActiveX name.dll problem – using MOSS 2007 internet facing site
  18. Presentation: SharePoint for Developers
  19. Article: Understanding the SharePoint, ASP.NET Relationship
  20. Article: When you Need SharePoint Designer
  21. WSS FAQ additions and changes LXXI – 1st to 16th September 2007 (KB Articles only; rest later)
  22. Working With Solutions Through Code
  23. 7 New Features That Enhance SharePoint
  24. Who’s running Sharepoint anyway? Starbucks have deployed Sharepoint for 24,000 users
  25. Configuring my MOSS to work with email enabled lists – testing the instructions
  26. Repost: How do I display all versions of comments?

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Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky Business Objects User Group Presentation

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 16, 2007

I will be presenting at the SONKBOUG.

September 27, 2007
Meeting Time: 11:30 – 4:00
Meeting Location: 8044 Montgomery Rd,
Kenwood Towers, Main Conference Room first floor
Lunch will be provided starting at 11:30

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Links (9/16/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 16, 2007

  1. SharePoint is a *terrific* development platform – I believe I made the right career decision on moving to be a SharePoint consultant. Are there things I would like to see changed? Sure. Hopefully I will be a in position to work with Microsoft on what I would like to see in the next version.
  2. SharePoint and becoming part of the Community – Bob Fox writes on becoming active in the SharePoint community.
  3. A SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) WebPart showing the list of users of a site with a link to corresponding MySite
  4. Free SharePoint Document Workflow Workshop – Part 3 (ASP.NET Workflow Forms continued)
  5. Howto: populate a drop-down list of an InfoPath form, in MOSS + WF
  6. Inspecting The SharePoint Content Database
  7. Crystal Reports Web Part – part 2
  8. SharePoint Learning Kit: Learning Resource Products
  9. Setting up a Team Site Part 1
  10. Setting up a team site Part 2 (Web Parts)
  11. Using SharePoint site templates
  12. Planning your SharePoint site
  13. Differences between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007
  14. Why SharePoint?
  15. User Presence in WSS
  16. WSS 3.0 Content Indexing: The update cannot be started
  17. Some more technical content
  18. Workflow Foundation Do-While Activity
  19. Seting up My Calendar on MOSS2007
  20. Master Page debugging 1: Place Holders
  21. Using GetContentTypes with the Webs Web Service
  22. Adding ‘up arrow’ image and functionality to ‘New Folders’
  23. TamTam.SharePoint.AudienceCreator 1.0 released on codeplex
  24. Lookup Feature by GUID
  25. How to download files from a SharePoint document library remotely via Lists.asmx webservice (SPS 2003/ MOSS 2007)
  26. Two MOSS 2007 WCM focused MSDN articles just published
  27. Batch loading InfoPath Forms in SharePoint 2007
  28. Use Windows Live Writer to create blog posts … for MOSS
  29. Script to install MOSS with SQL Express
  30. SharePoint config.xml
  31. How to recover SharePoint document once deleted from recycle bin
  32. Exploring SPS 2007 and Workflow

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Links (9/13/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 13, 2007

  1. **** Code example of how to build a tree view of all web applications, site collections, webs and sub webs in your Sharepoint 2007 environment
  2. **** Inspecting Policies for a Web Application
  3. **** Branding SharePoint – Part 1: Designing your SharePoint Site
  4. September SharePoint Resource Collection – 42 pages of link goodness
  5. Do we store relational data in SharePoint?
  6. An issue with SPLongOperation
  7. MOSS 2007: Configure Document Conversion for your server
  8. Background on My SharePoint Links
  9. SharePoint Resources and Information for Organizations Looking to Appropriate and Deliver SharePoint within their Enterprises
  10. Printing SharePoint lists
  11. How to enable Cognos reports on a Sharepoint 2007 site
  12. How to programmatically change the site quicklaunch, treeview, subsites and navigation settings (WSS v3 + MOSS 2007)
  13. A must have for Sharepoint designers: the developer toolbar
  14. Office Sharepoint Server Standard Web Application features: what is it exactly?
  15. How to create a Sharepoint 2007 clear, simple and consistent theme and get rid of the default gradients
  16. Quickly replace default Sharepoint font using theme
  17. How to enable Quicklaunch on multipage meeting workspace
  18. Sharepoint 2003 – 2007 Theme migration
  19. How to migratie the Sharepoint User Profile Store from 2003 to 2007
  20. Shared Services – provisioning in progress – does not complete
  21. Sharepoint 2007 #1: records management
  22. (Joel Oleson’s) TechEd SEA Slides – Administration and Deployment Fundamentals, Administration and Advanced Deployment, Governance and Information Architecture
  23. SharePoint Solution Installer source code released
  24. New Podcasts: Iterative SharePoint Deployment and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Ratings in SharePoint
  25. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Series 2 Session 5: Farm Administration: Maintenance, Optimization and Best Practices 9/12/07
  26. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Series 2 Session 6: Authentication, Permissions and Security 9/13/07
  27. Bugfix: Imtech Solution Setup (Free SharePoint Tool)
  28. Site Columns, Content Types, and Curly Braces
  29. LINQ to SharePoint – Part IV
  30. Deploying Page Layouts Containing Default Web Parts
  31. How to Auto Detect Your SharePoint Environment
  32. Voting on MOSS Document Library
  33. SharePoint Disk Allocation and Disk I/O
  34. TechEd SEA SharePoint Partners – WebParts360 looks very interesting – no price though
  35. SharePoint is not a good development platform – Jeffrey Palermo has some interesting comments on the pains of SP development. I can’t argue with not running on XP/Vista. The past few days I have been pulling my hair out when my VM with MOSS, BusinessObjects, Visual Studio (ReSharper and CodeRush) just sits there for a few minutes (typically devenv.exe at 100% CPU).

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Links (9/11/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 11, 2007

  1. **** How to change the service accounts and passwords in MOSS2007
  2. **** STSADM Custom Extensions
  3. Free Workshop: SharePoint Document Workflow for Developers – Part 1
  4. Free SharePoint Document Workflow Workshop – Part 2 (ASP.NET Workflow Forms)
  5. SharePoint Readings and More: Content by Query, Advanced Search in SharePoint, Reusable Content, Business Data Catalog, New Free Solution for SharePoint, and more…
  6. Changing the SPWorkflowAssociation.AutoCleanupDays property
  7. How to hide subsite’s GlobalNavigation nodes/tabs through SharePoint API?
  8. Stress test your MOSS apps with the Sharepoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool
  9. VSTO and SharePoint Workflow
  10. LDAP Forms Authentication revisited
  11. Forms Authentication with SharePoint
  12. Tool of the Day: WSPBuilder for SharePoint
  13. Adding Breadcrumb Navigation for SharePoint Application Pages
  14. Variations requires SharePoint Web Parts
  15. con Keyword and SharePoint – review the comments and see a few more
  16. How to filter data in a Data View Web Part, based on the URL of the Web Part Page
  17. Another Site Where a SharePoint Fan Loves to….. Share!
  18. Using SharePoint Hyper Link fields with XSLT
  19. SPGridView and Ajax capabilties and Accessing Custom Property
  20. Add a link to a document within a Document Library in MOSS
  21. MOSS Enterprise or Standard Edition? Effects on Search

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Site and File Naming – Invalid Characters

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 11, 2007

I ran into this issue a few days ago. “Essential SharePoint 2007” had a note on the subject.

SharePoint sites cannot contain the following characters:

\ / : * ? ” < > | # { } % & <TAB>

Files uploaded to SharePoint cannot contain the following characters:

: # % & * : < > ? \ { | } ~

BTW, ESP2K7 is an excellent book. Little on development – higher level topics instead – recommended nonetheless.

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Links (9/9/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 9, 2007

  1. **** When to use a database, SharePoint, or wiki
  2. SharePoint Internet “How We Did It” Goodness from the SharePoint Team Blog
  3. MOSS and Forms-Based Authentication: the Tricks
  4. Searching a List using List Web Service and Javascript
  5. Getting the associated page layouts from a SharePoint document library
  6. MOSS Custom policies part 1 – Creating a custom information management policy
  7. Using a SharePoint 2007 content type in a List definition
  8. Getting the associated page layouts from a SharePoint document library
  9. Tool: A little GUID picker
  10. BDC Catalog Visual Editor now available
  11. Public sites using MOSS2007
  12. Customizable Everyday Productivity Education (EPE) content developed by Microsoft IT for end user training
  13. SPField (column) Field Name, Title and internal Names and Spaces between them
  14. Quick Tip on Enumerating Group Permissions
  15. SharePoint Templates and Resources to Jump Start You on Your SharePoint Path
  16. Business Data Catalog White Paper
  17. SharePoint Style and Layout Changes on the Fly: Check out the Example Online
  18. SharePoint Scaling, How Microsoft Does SharePoint, How Dell Does SharePoint, and the HP SharePoint Server and Configuration Tool
  19. SharePoint 2007 Blogging Tweaks: Rich text blog comments and multiple category selection
  20. New internet-facing MOSS website goes live
  21. Copying Wiki Pages To New Wiki Page Library via PowerShell
  22. Adding content to Word “content control” programmatically
  23. Performance issues with a list in MOSS 2007
  24. Accessibility Kit for SharePoint
  25. MOSS: Effective introduction to an Organization
  26. Blending publishing/collaboration functionality in SharePoint

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Links (9/6/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 6, 2007

  1. Using scheduling of pages but not the authoring workflow
  2. SharePoint Programmatically: Provisioning Lookup Fields
  3. SharePoint Feature: Add Column from Existing Site Columns menu item
  4. SQL Server 2005 Downloads for MOSS
  5. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Downloads for MOSS
  6. Community Kit for SharePoint
  7. Excel Services – Data refresh failed – “Unable to retrieve external data for the following connections
  8. Canceling Check-out Event in Lists and Document Libraries returns an Error Message
  9. Example of MOSS calculation fields for Month-Year and Quarter-Year from date column

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Links (9/5/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 5, 2007

  1. **** SharePoint Containment Hierarchy
  2. SharePoint Work Acceleration Toolkit 2007 from iDevFactory
  3. Installing WSS 3.0 on Small Business Server
  4. Imtech Solution Setup (Free SharePoint Tool)
  5. Imtech Random Image and Imtech Site Members (Free Web Parts)
  6. Using the Current Page URL in the UrlAction of a SharePoint Feature
  7. Can I customize application.master and aspx files present under _layouts folder? – MOSS 2007 application pages customization
  8. SPS to MOSS migration error – Cannot locate the list definition required for upgrade
  9. “Fetch SharePoint, Fetch!” The SharePoint Beagle Hunts Down SharePoint Information Monthly – sounds good but I still have not been approved yet…
  10. Customizing WSS 3.0 with Master Pages
  11. A deep dive into the SharePoint Content Deployment and Migration API
  12. InfoPath 2007 and the Multi Select List Box
  13. Activate features through code
  14. Configuration Options for SharePoint (Hosting Options)
  15. SharePoint: Howto disable editing sites with SharePoint Designer
  16. The security validation for this page is invalid
  17. Inherit Content Types
  18. Video: Demo of Extending SharePoint to Collab on Document Fragments
  19. Server Farm account in the local administrators group
  20. Pre-Announcing the “Accessibility Kit for SharePoint” (AKS)
  21. How to convert Flash EXE’s to SWF files for embedding to web pages
  22. Deploying WSS 3.0 Web Parts easily to a production server with VSEWSS

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Links (9/3/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 3, 2007

  1. **** How to prevent SharePoint Designer 2007 users from changing a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site or a SharePoint Server 2007 site
  2. **** WSS Coding Best Practices
  3. **** Fantastic, incredibly detailed, content on content deployment by Stefan
  4. **** Why Everybody Should Use MOSS 2007 for their Internet Site – couldn’t agree more!
  5. Very useful developer aid: Event Receiver Manager
  6. Web Part Connections in WSS 3.0 (Part 2)
  7. Web Part Connections in WSS 3.0 (Part 3)
  8. Content Editor Webpart error “cannot retrieve properties at this time”
  9. MOSS 2007 – Using Office Templates
  10. New Video Tutorials for SharePoint Designer
  11. WSS FAQ additions and changes LXX – 27th to 31st August
  12. Help Training and How to on SharePoint?
  13. MOSS 2007: Customizing the Search Results Page (XSLT) – Part 2 – Add highlighting
  14. SharePoint Designer Errors When Opening, Checking-In, Checking-Out Files & Shrinking Transaction Log Files
  15. My Site Owners can’t create pages?
  16. MOSS2007 – Hide “My Settings” Link
  17. MOSS Search: How to control content to be crawled
  18. SharePoint Rollups and Re-Usable Content: Content by Query Goodness
  19. Importing an Excel Spreadsheet using InfoPath 2007 (Simple Example)
  20. Adding a Picker to the “Send to -> Other Location” Menu Option
  21. Security trimmed SiteSettings page
  22. BDC Key Performance Indicator Web Part
  23. Workflow Podcast on Parallel Tasks
  24. SharePoint Skinner tool… just what the doctor ordered
  25. Create custom field types for SharePoint
  26. SPI + PowerShell
  27. Using ~SiteCollection prefix in SharePoint CSS files
  28. Imtech C# String Converter (Free .NET Tool)
  29. We have re-launched the SharePoint site on MSCOM
  30. MOSS: Backup and restore and missing Timer job definitions
  31. WSP file error when trying to add it to Sharepoint – “The manifest.xml file does not exist in the solution”
  32. WSS Custom Field Type linked to Microsoft CRM entities (Part 1)
  33. SharePoint Content Deployment and the Migration API
  34. Dynamically creating a Sharepoint Web-Service proxy instance
  35. VSeWSS 1.1. CTP – a look at the nuts and bolts

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