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Links (9/5/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 5, 2007

  1. **** SharePoint Containment Hierarchy
  2. SharePoint Work Acceleration Toolkit 2007 from iDevFactory
  3. Installing WSS 3.0 on Small Business Server
  4. Imtech Solution Setup (Free SharePoint Tool)
  5. Imtech Random Image and Imtech Site Members (Free Web Parts)
  6. Using the Current Page URL in the UrlAction of a SharePoint Feature
  7. Can I customize application.master and aspx files present under _layouts folder? – MOSS 2007 application pages customization
  8. SPS to MOSS migration error – Cannot locate the list definition required for upgrade
  9. “Fetch SharePoint, Fetch!” The SharePoint Beagle Hunts Down SharePoint Information Monthly – sounds good but I still have not been approved yet…
  10. Customizing WSS 3.0 with Master Pages
  11. A deep dive into the SharePoint Content Deployment and Migration API
  12. InfoPath 2007 and the Multi Select List Box
  13. Activate features through code
  14. Configuration Options for SharePoint (Hosting Options)
  15. SharePoint: Howto disable editing sites with SharePoint Designer
  16. The security validation for this page is invalid
  17. Inherit Content Types
  18. Video: Demo of Extending SharePoint to Collab on Document Fragments
  19. Server Farm account in the local administrators group
  20. Pre-Announcing the “Accessibility Kit for SharePoint” (AKS)
  21. How to convert Flash EXE’s to SWF files for embedding to web pages
  22. Deploying WSS 3.0 Web Parts easily to a production server with VSEWSS

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  1. I’ve written a blog about how to customise the application.master to change layout pages without actually altering the standard application.master file.


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