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Links (9/9/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 9, 2007

  1. **** When to use a database, SharePoint, or wiki
  2. SharePoint Internet “How We Did It” Goodness from the SharePoint Team Blog
  3. MOSS and Forms-Based Authentication: the Tricks
  4. Searching a List using List Web Service and Javascript
  5. Getting the associated page layouts from a SharePoint document library
  6. MOSS Custom policies part 1 – Creating a custom information management policy
  7. Using a SharePoint 2007 content type in a List definition
  8. Getting the associated page layouts from a SharePoint document library
  9. Tool: A little GUID picker
  10. BDC Catalog Visual Editor now available
  11. Public sites using MOSS2007
  12. Customizable Everyday Productivity Education (EPE) content developed by Microsoft IT for end user training
  13. SPField (column) Field Name, Title and internal Names and Spaces between them
  14. Quick Tip on Enumerating Group Permissions
  15. SharePoint Templates and Resources to Jump Start You on Your SharePoint Path
  16. Business Data Catalog White Paper
  17. SharePoint Style and Layout Changes on the Fly: Check out the Example Online
  18. SharePoint Scaling, How Microsoft Does SharePoint, How Dell Does SharePoint, and the HP SharePoint Server and Configuration Tool
  19. SharePoint 2007 Blogging Tweaks: Rich text blog comments and multiple category selection
  20. New internet-facing MOSS website goes live
  21. Copying Wiki Pages To New Wiki Page Library via PowerShell
  22. Adding content to Word “content control” programmatically
  23. Performance issues with a list in MOSS 2007
  24. Accessibility Kit for SharePoint
  25. MOSS: Effective introduction to an Organization
  26. Blending publishing/collaboration functionality in SharePoint

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