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Links (9/11/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 11, 2007

  1. **** How to change the service accounts and passwords in MOSS2007
  2. **** STSADM Custom Extensions
  3. Free Workshop: SharePoint Document Workflow for Developers – Part 1
  4. Free SharePoint Document Workflow Workshop – Part 2 (ASP.NET Workflow Forms)
  5. SharePoint Readings and More: Content by Query, Advanced Search in SharePoint, Reusable Content, Business Data Catalog, New Free Solution for SharePoint, and more…
  6. Changing the SPWorkflowAssociation.AutoCleanupDays property
  7. How to hide subsite’s GlobalNavigation nodes/tabs through SharePoint API?
  8. Stress test your MOSS apps with the Sharepoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool
  9. VSTO and SharePoint Workflow
  10. LDAP Forms Authentication revisited
  11. Forms Authentication with SharePoint
  12. Tool of the Day: WSPBuilder for SharePoint
  13. Adding Breadcrumb Navigation for SharePoint Application Pages
  14. Variations requires SharePoint Web Parts
  15. con Keyword and SharePoint – review the comments and see a few more
  16. How to filter data in a Data View Web Part, based on the URL of the Web Part Page
  17. Another Site Where a SharePoint Fan Loves to….. Share!
  18. Using SharePoint Hyper Link fields with XSLT
  19. SPGridView and Ajax capabilties and Accessing Custom Property
  20. Add a link to a document within a Document Library in MOSS
  21. MOSS Enterprise or Standard Edition? Effects on Search

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