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Links (9/13/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 13, 2007

  1. **** Code example of how to build a tree view of all web applications, site collections, webs and sub webs in your Sharepoint 2007 environment
  2. **** Inspecting Policies for a Web Application
  3. **** Branding SharePoint – Part 1: Designing your SharePoint Site
  4. September SharePoint Resource Collection – 42 pages of link goodness
  5. Do we store relational data in SharePoint?
  6. An issue with SPLongOperation
  7. MOSS 2007: Configure Document Conversion for your server
  8. Background on My SharePoint Links
  9. SharePoint Resources and Information for Organizations Looking to Appropriate and Deliver SharePoint within their Enterprises
  10. Printing SharePoint lists
  11. How to enable Cognos reports on a Sharepoint 2007 site
  12. How to programmatically change the site quicklaunch, treeview, subsites and navigation settings (WSS v3 + MOSS 2007)
  13. A must have for Sharepoint designers: the developer toolbar
  14. Office Sharepoint Server Standard Web Application features: what is it exactly?
  15. How to create a Sharepoint 2007 clear, simple and consistent theme and get rid of the default gradients
  16. Quickly replace default Sharepoint font using theme
  17. How to enable Quicklaunch on multipage meeting workspace
  18. Sharepoint 2003 – 2007 Theme migration
  19. How to migratie the Sharepoint User Profile Store from 2003 to 2007
  20. Shared Services – provisioning in progress – does not complete
  21. Sharepoint 2007 #1: records management
  22. (Joel Oleson’s) TechEd SEA Slides – Administration and Deployment Fundamentals, Administration and Advanced Deployment, Governance and Information Architecture
  23. SharePoint Solution Installer source code released
  24. New Podcasts: Iterative SharePoint Deployment and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Ratings in SharePoint
  25. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Series 2 Session 5: Farm Administration: Maintenance, Optimization and Best Practices 9/12/07
  26. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Series 2 Session 6: Authentication, Permissions and Security 9/13/07
  27. Bugfix: Imtech Solution Setup (Free SharePoint Tool)
  28. Site Columns, Content Types, and Curly Braces
  29. LINQ to SharePoint – Part IV
  30. Deploying Page Layouts Containing Default Web Parts
  31. How to Auto Detect Your SharePoint Environment
  32. Voting on MOSS Document Library
  33. SharePoint Disk Allocation and Disk I/O
  34. TechEd SEA SharePoint Partners – WebParts360 looks very interesting – no price though
  35. SharePoint is not a good development platform – Jeffrey Palermo has some interesting comments on the pains of SP development. I can’t argue with not running on XP/Vista. The past few days I have been pulling my hair out when my VM with MOSS, BusinessObjects, Visual Studio (ReSharper and CodeRush) just sits there for a few minutes (typically devenv.exe at 100% CPU).

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