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Links (9/16/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 16, 2007

  1. SharePoint is a *terrific* development platform – I believe I made the right career decision on moving to be a SharePoint consultant. Are there things I would like to see changed? Sure. Hopefully I will be a in position to work with Microsoft on what I would like to see in the next version.
  2. SharePoint and becoming part of the Community – Bob Fox writes on becoming active in the SharePoint community.
  3. A SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) WebPart showing the list of users of a site with a link to corresponding MySite
  4. Free SharePoint Document Workflow Workshop – Part 3 (ASP.NET Workflow Forms continued)
  5. Howto: populate a drop-down list of an InfoPath form, in MOSS + WF
  6. Inspecting The SharePoint Content Database
  7. Crystal Reports Web Part – part 2
  8. SharePoint Learning Kit: Learning Resource Products
  9. Setting up a Team Site Part 1
  10. Setting up a team site Part 2 (Web Parts)
  11. Using SharePoint site templates
  12. Planning your SharePoint site
  13. Differences between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007
  14. Why SharePoint?
  15. User Presence in WSS
  16. WSS 3.0 Content Indexing: The update cannot be started
  17. Some more technical content
  18. Workflow Foundation Do-While Activity
  19. Seting up My Calendar on MOSS2007
  20. Master Page debugging 1: Place Holders
  21. Using GetContentTypes with the Webs Web Service
  22. Adding ‘up arrow’ image and functionality to ‘New Folders’
  23. TamTam.SharePoint.AudienceCreator 1.0 released on codeplex
  24. Lookup Feature by GUID
  25. How to download files from a SharePoint document library remotely via Lists.asmx webservice (SPS 2003/ MOSS 2007)
  26. Two MOSS 2007 WCM focused MSDN articles just published
  27. Batch loading InfoPath Forms in SharePoint 2007
  28. Use Windows Live Writer to create blog posts … for MOSS
  29. Script to install MOSS with SQL Express
  30. SharePoint config.xml
  31. How to recover SharePoint document once deleted from recycle bin
  32. Exploring SPS 2007 and Workflow

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