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Archive for October 25th, 2007

Links (10/25/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 25, 2007

  1. **** SharePoint 2007 Design Tip: Edit Consoles Throw Off Your Design – definitely ran into this before
  2. SharePoint 2007 as an Enterprise Application Platform
  3. Getting More from the Content Query Web Part (CQWP)
  4. Repeaters as menus inside SharePoint
  5. SharePoint Backup and Restore Resources
  6. Code Practices – getting\setting values from\to the lookup and the hyperlink fields
  7. Danger, Will Robinson! I hit a limit on the Quick Launch menu – 40 items it appears
  8. Quick and Simple: Configure MOSS to search a specific document library
  9. WebPart Tip: How to quickly view the public key for an assembly in the output window – good advice. another way is to get AC’s VS CodeRush/Refactor Tools for SharePoint Developers.
  10. Enabling and managing social networks (for business use) with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  11. SharePoint and Managed Paths
  12. When SPWeb.DoesUserHavePermissions() (SPWeb.DoesNotWork == true)
  13. Adding more than two site collection administrators programmatically.
  14. Lesson learned (the hard way): Never use underscore in your hostname
  15. Hunting the encoding problem in content deployment – part 1
  16. Hunting the encoding problem in content deployment – part 2
  17. Hunting the encoding problem in content deployment – part 3
  18. InfoPath 2007 and SharePoint Site Columns
  19. Adding users to MOSS 2007 (SharePoint) sites and groups
  20. Using .NET Reflection to Create SharePoint Features
  21. Custom Web Parts can “break” Variations process
  22. How to deal with URL fields in SharePoint Lists programmatically
  23. Vivid Group Launches Another MOSS 2007 WCM Public Internet Website – http://www.amanaliving.com.au – case study
  24. Pdf documents not appearing in search results?
  25. Getting to grips with Data View Web Parts in SharePoint Designer 2007
  26. What is OzMOSS.com? – is an online collaboration site and mailing list that brings Australian (and International) WSS/MOSS/SharePoint knowledge together in one place.
  27. SharePoint Document Workflow Example: Extracting document details with your workflow
  28. Proxy server settings for SharePoint 2007
  29. Content Wrapping with Master Pages and HTTPModules
  30. Active Directory Membership Provider and SharePoint
  31. How to troubleshoot MOSS 2007 Protocol Handler for Lotus Notes and other tips/tricks. Part 3 of 3
  32. From InfoPath to Database via Web Service
  33. Alternate Access Mappings
  34. Backup / Restore and Data Protection Manager 2007 RTM
  35. E-Mail Records Retention in SharePoint Server 2007

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