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Archive for November 4th, 2007

Links (11/4/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on November 4, 2007

  1. **** How To: Hide the View All Site Content link in SharePoint
  2. Groove and SharePoint work together
  3. SharePoint Terms: Ghosted, Unghosted and Reghosted
  4. The best way to explain SharePoint Content Types
  5. WSS FAQ additions and corrections LXXVIII – 28th October – 3rd November 2007
  6. Lesson learned when create list instance in SharePoint solution
  7. Scripted Installation for all site templates – Installing fab 40 using a script, is one of the most popular posts here. However, this installation guide covered wsp only and not stp. So here is the scripted installation guide for site template files.
  8. How do I? – Solve the “Cannot use ‘partitionResolver’ unless the mode is ‘StateServer’ or ‘SQLServer’” error
  9. SharePoint Backup and Restore
  10. SharePointPedia.com goes Live
  11. Dumping MOSS 2007 Variations – Part 3
  12. Stupid SharePoint Delimiters
  13. Resources for geekSpeak: LINQ to SharePoint with Bart De Smet
  14. Implementing a multi-lingual internet site based on MOSS2007
  15. SharePoint Indexing Limited by 64 kB ACL Limit
  16. MenuItem for Outlook ContextMenu
  17. Update: SharePoint 2007 theme generator
  18. The database schema is too old to perform this operation in this SharePoint cluster, please upgrade the database and try again. Whats up with DST and SharePoint??
  19. Fixing ‘Error: Access Denied’ error on creating a new page in MOSS
  20. Screencasts demonstrating how to create a simple Document Management Center (DMC)
  21. SharePointPlan.com – Mark Schneider, has setup his own blog that focuses on organizational change, project planning, requirements management and governance planning for SharePoint implementations.
  22. How To: Modify the web.config file in SharePoint using SPWebConfigModification
  23. SharePoint Workflow Resources

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