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Links (11/8/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on November 8, 2007

  1. **** Is the hotfix or service pack going to break my SharePoint pages or deployment? – wise advice
  2. **** Extending SharePoint’s stsadm command
  3. How to Extend the Advanced Search WebPart
  4. Details and manual monitoring of the Content DBs
  5. Using OOB Workflows to Provision Sites
  6. How to Create a Search Scope
  7. SharePoint Connections 2007 Code Samples and Session Materials – dang, guess I need a new name for my Object Model application!
  8. Trial Period [Evaluation Period] for this product has expired
  9. Self Service Site Creation
  10. PlugIt: Extend InfoPath browser form with custom lookup dialogs
  11. Microsoft’s Search Server 2008…very cunning plan
  12. Scripting STSADM commands
  13. SharePoint lists in Outlook 2007 are awesome
  14. Returning approved SharePoint list items from a console application
  15. Quick and easy: Embed a hyperlink into data view web part XSLT
  16. Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services part 1 – Preparing the AD for Kerberos
  17. Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services part 2 – Preparing the MOSS server
  18. Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services part 3 – Create and test an Excel sheet
  19. Using Analysis Services data in Excel Services – Overview and updates
  20. Use dynamically created InfoPath form instance to pre-fill form
  21. How to get the most out of SharePoint 2007 using SharePoint Designer 2007
  22. Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) Crashes when Selecting Edit With SharePoint Designer
  23. Wildcards? We’re not playing poker!
  24. Apply a Theme to all sub sites in SharePoint 2007
  25. Codeplex Project that Adds Custom Actions to SPD
  26. TechEd Session on performance for Internet facing web sites in SharePoint 2007
  27. Conferencing Documents Stored in a Disparate Repository
  28. Quick and Simple: Enable SharePoint Designer workflow to update an InfoPath form
  29. Programmatically uploading multiple files to Custom sharepoint list in 2007
  30. Addendum to the SharePoint Deployment Daylight Savings patch issue

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