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Archive for November 13th, 2007

Links (11/13/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on November 13, 2007

  1. **** What Not to Store in SharePoint
  2. **** Branding a MOSS Corporate Intranet Portal, Part 1a: High-level overview, terminology, and approach
  3. SharePoint Branding issues –  ASP.NET flyout menus
  4. SharePoint Branding issues – My Site Control
  5. SharePoint Branding issues – Table of Contents WebPart
  6. SharePoint Branding issues –  MOSS Search Center
  7. SharePoint Branding issues – Breadcrumb
  8. SharePoint Branding Issues – Web Parts
  9. SharePoint Branding Issues – Application Pages
  10. SharePoint customization guide – Brett Geoffroy
  11. High Confidence Results in MOSS 2007
  12. SharePoint Skinner Overview – eLumenotion Blog
  13. MOSS KPIs
  14. SharePoint bloggers @ Dolmen – looks like a solid set of bloggers
  15. New Tools for Anyone Who Uses SharePoint – http://searchforsharepoint.com, http://sharepointpedia.com
  16. More on WSS (MOSS) Backup and Recovery
  17. How do I deploy the Monitoring web part on a separate SharePoint Web Application on the same SharePoint Web Server?
  18. SharePoint: Managing Users and Security – whitepaper
  19. MOSS Deployment Scenarios 2 of 4 – Feature.xml
  20. CodePlex + CopyTimer = SPToolbox – This is a standalone application which measures SharePoint performance by timing the downloads/uploads of files to a SharePoint site. It then records how long the operations took along with a bunch of information about the client system like latency, Ethernet adapter, IP address, etc…
  21. Write a custom field type in SharePoint with Ajax-driven autocomplete functionality

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