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Telerik Controls in a Web Part

Posted by Steve Pietrek on November 15, 2007

My client had a requirement to display a tab strip with 4 tabs in it. On each tab they wanted a way to enter some simple HTML text. Great, sounds easy enough. I have some experience with Telerik’s fine ASP.NET controls so I quickly put something together. The client wanted the control to look a certain way. Lucky for me, it was close enough to Telerik’s standard ClassicBlue theme.

After going through the regiment of creating a webpart file, a feature, and a solution package, after adding my web part to the a page, the theme did not come through. The theme was included in the page source but was defined as the following:


Easy enough, I copied the source path to my virtual directory, iisreset, refreshed the page, and the theme came through. However, this is where the problems starting occurring. First, if I entered site anonymously, I would either get prompted for a user name and password on any page where the tabstrip web part was placed (very confusing at first) or worse I would receive an 403 error. Second, I had a difficult time figuring out how to include this theme in a WSP file so I could deploy it.

The first issue was simple enough to resolve. I opened Windows Explorer, right-clicked on the RadControls folder, selected properties – Security – and added the anonymous user (servername/iurs_servername). After an iisreset, all was well. This is not the most elegant solution though. I would run into the same issues if I forget to add the security (unfortunately ran into this issue yesterday at the client site – most embarrassing). Also, the quick fix doesn’t doesn’t solve my deploy issue. Back to the drawing board.

Solution: After reviewing the page source, I soon realized I should be able to specify my own path to the skin. Telerik controls have a SkinsPath. I assigned the following path:

_tabstrip .SkinsPath = “/_layouts/images/rsc/RadControls/TabStrip/Skins”

Once I included the proper theme files in my WSP, everything worked properly. This solved both issues. I’m a happy camper!


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