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Links (12/13/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on December 13, 2007

  1. **** Create a custom workflow using SharePoint Designer – very comprehensive post
  2. SharePoint SDKs (and Other Documentation Resources) Now Updated for SP1
  3. Querying SharePoint List from Reporting Services returns only “not null” columns
  4. WSS3/MOSS Service Pack 1 Applied Successfully – going to work on this tomorrow myself
  5. Installing SharePoint on Windows Server 2008 – need the integrated WSS+SP1 install
  6. Report Manager is slow after an IISReset or AppPool restart
  7. Video: Building a Simple “Workflow” Application Without Using Workflow – Custom List Form and Alerts in SharePoint
  8. More help on formulas
  9. SharePoint Monitoring Toolkit Available for Download
  10. Clear the SharePoint Configuration Cache for Timer Job and PSCONFIG errors
  11. Report Builder not Visible
  12. Applications Pages in SharePoint – Getting Started
  13. Adding Groups and Users in MOSS 2007
  14. ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.Permissions’ is obsolete: ‘Use the RoleAssignments property instead’
  15. How to: Setting up your SharePoint Development Environment
  16. How to Create LookUp Column (SPFieldLookUp) and Associate it to a Field in List?
  17. Reusable Content with MOSS Content Management
  18. How to configure incoming emails on a SPList
  19. How to create a Site Collection in a specific Content Database
  20. Programmatically create link to open SharePoint list in Excel, like Export to Excel Spreasheet list action
  21. My 10 step overview of the SharePoint SP1 installation sequence
  22. MOSS – Save Publishing Site as Template
  23. Using HTTP Module for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) site using FBA And RSA
  24. Workflow Insights: Introduction
  25. Visual Studio 2008 and SharePoint – using Smart Templates
  26. When to use the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard

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