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Archive for December 18th, 2007

Links (12/18/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on December 18, 2007

  1. **** Extending Stsadm.exe – Site Quota Updater, A Real Life Example
  2. **** Using the iisapp command to get the Process ID for the correct w3wp process for Visual Studio debugging when doing SharePoint, Workflow or InfoPath development – good advice!
  3. **** Programming under the influence – disable/enable event firing using DisableEventFiring(); and EnableEventFiring();
  4. Item Level Permission in workflow CreateTaskXXX activities
  5. Getting user login from the PeopleEditor via Code
  6. STSADM Operations – list of all STSADM operations
  7. 12 “SharePoint” things to do over the Holidays
  8. Issue – Programmatically posting WSS 2007 Discussion List Items shows sender as “System Account” in Outlook 2007
  9. Creating Custom Wikis in SharePoint
  10. Blank Page – in SharePoint using the CEWP
  11. Free Merry Christmas web part
  12. Quick and Easy: Determine Internal Column Name of a Site Column
  13. Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: Why SharePoint Requires It
  14. Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: Memory Based Recycling
  15. Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: Scheduled Recycling
  16. BDC Calendar Web Part now available
  17. Selecting a user in a SharePoint form: Sample of using the PeopleEditor
  18. Deploying site columns and content types to sharepoint webs
  19. Using WebClient in SharePoint context
  20. WSS 3.0 SP1 – a better list of what it contains
  21. Moving MySite data to its own web app and own DB
  22. Developer Map for SharePoint Products and Technologies

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