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Links (12/20/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on December 20, 2007

  1. **** MS Filter Pack released
  2. **** Sharepoint Search from Tafiti
  3. Using SPWeb.EnsureUser(loginName) to add a new SPUser to a web
  4. BDC Meta Man
  5. DCOM and COM class factory error messages in the event log
  6. Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: What To Watch Out For
  7. Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: Configuring The Shutdown Timeout
  8. Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint: A Hidden Benefit
  9. Create Silverlight 1.1 applications for SharePoint with VS2008
  10. Tafiti goes Shared Source
  11. Import PeopleSoft info into SharePoint User Profiles
  12. Displaying Charts in SharePoint using Excel Services
  13. Alerts feature in SharePoint
  14. Using InfoPath 2007 Translate function to do what XPath lower-case function does
  15. Create custom site definitions which include CEWPS and using resource files for their content
  16. The ‘One Click Rollout’ versus ‘Clicking It Together’ deployment method
  17. Web part custom property – dropdown list
  18. How to publish the entire document library
  19. Learning Data Warehousing and OLAP -part I
  20. InfoPath form deployed to Sharepoint that reads from config files
  21. Model View Presenter (MVP) Passive View, SharePoint and Mocking

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