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Links (1/6/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 6, 2008

  1. **** Implementing Consistent Navigation across Site Collections – using a SiteMapProvider
  2. Branding Tools for SharePoint
  3. How to: Adding Custom Workflow Activities to SharePoint Designer 2007
  4. WSS FAQ additions and corrections LXXXVII – 30th December 2007 – 5th January 2008
  5. SharePoint Products and Technologies Search Deployment
  6. To add an item to a document library, use SPFileCollection.Add()
  7. Grant Users Admin Access to all Site Collecrtions per Web Application
  8. Debugging workflows
  9. MOSS 2007: Add support for AJAX in your SharePoint installation
  10. Article:Managing the SharePoint Learning Curve
  11. New Beta Extranet Collaboration Toolkit
  12. Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint
  13. MOSS and SAP Integration
  14. Error when creating My Site – “Your personal site cannot be created because the managed path “http://server_name/mysite.aspx” has not been created for this site. Contact your site administrator for more information.”
  15. External Storing of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) in Windows SharePoint Services
  16. Video: Building Presentations from SharePoint Site Content
  17. SafeControl Adder utility for SharePoint
  18. Video: Publishing Features and Site Templates
  19. 6 generations of Portal Technology: from Content Aggregation to Portal Aggregation
  20. Overview: ASP.NET AJAX and Web Parts in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  21. Installing ASP.NET AJAX Extensions in Windows SharePoint Services
  22. Walkthrough: Creating a Basic ASP.NET AJAX-enabled Web Part
  23. User Comments and Ratings web parts are now FREE
  24. Selecting Multiple Categories for SharePoint Blog Posts
  25. Associating Custom Content Types with a Custom Site Definition
  26. Create a KPI from a SharePoint List View
  27. SharePoint development: handy little utility to get GUID’s and Attribute names – I wrote a similar project when I first started learning the SPOM.
  28. Automatically generating a hierarchical Title in element
  29. SharePoint Content Management Package (CMP) explorer
  30. Integrating Custom Help Pages to the SharePoint 2007 Help System
  31. Roadmap to using SharePoint Server 2007

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