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Links (1/24/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 24, 2008

  1. **** UPDATED: Base Master Page – DOCTYPE
  2. **** Download SharePoint 2007 Best Practice Analyzer (sharepointbpa.exe) for WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007
  3. **** How To Enable People Search
  4. **** Which Doctype to use with SharePoint 2007?
  5. **** Two new MOSS 2007 WCM Publishing Site Visual How To’s
  6. **** Silverlight Media Player and SharePoint v2
  7. **** STSDEV – SharePoint code generator – STSDEV is a proof-of-concept application that demonstrates a simple code generator for create SharePoint 2007 development projects targeting Visual Studio. The fact that the STSDEV utility generates project code in a repeatable fashion also makes it possible to build Visual Studio solutions for SharePoint development that adhere to best practices.
  8. Mail merge using SharePoint contacts
  9. Integrating an Asp.Net Application into our SharePoint Portal
  10. Web Part Design: Make Life Easy for Your Users
  11. Searching PDFs, or Using Adobe’s PDF IFilter with WSS 3.0 sp1
  12. How To Extend Wildcard People Search on MOSS 2007
  13. Dashboards for WSS 3.0 Part I The Stylesheet
  14. How To: Add a link to the Top Navigation Bar of a Site
  15. Overview of Backing Up and Restoring Data in Windows SharePoint Services
  16. Theming a SharePoint Site
  17. Sychronizing with Windows SharePoint Services, Part 1
  18. Synchronizing with Windows SharePoint Services, Part 2
  19. Backup, restore and migration of sites on SharePoint 3 pt. 1/3
  20. Backup, restore and migration of sites on SharePoint 3 pt. 2/3
  21. Backup, restore and migration of sites on SharePoint 3 pt. 3/3
  22. Common Authorization flaw in Web Applications: Why disabling buttons (or other controls) is not enough?
  23. InfoPath forms deployment, SharePoint workflow in VS 2008
  24. Content Types: The little engine that could…
  25. Look and feel > Navigation link missing!
  26. Programmatically Add and Remove Items from the Quick Launch Bar
  27. Force a Full Crawl for a Site
  28. Adding a description for a URL in a links list via code
  29. Allow rich HTML text (e.g. Bold, Italic, etc.) via C# code for a multi line text field using SPField
  30. Security Trimming WebControls and ASP Objects
  31. Take SharePoint Content Offline – Colligo Reader
  32. Creating Web Applications Programmatically
  33. Do you miss the old SharePoint Add Web Parts task pane?
  34. Space in column names – “End Use” becomes “End_x0020_Use”
  35. Useful Links on MOSS 2007
  36. How capitalization effects STSADM -o addsolution – hmm, good advice
  37. Multi-valued (ARRAY) Comparisons only for Choice fields
  38. Using Silverlight in your SharePoint 2007 Applications
  39. Developing custom MOSS 2007 SharePoint Workflows on a remote Workstation
  40. BDC Mapper Web Part from Lightning Tools
  41. WSS List DataSource
  42. 7 Ways I Know of to Add Database Data to SharePoint Pages
  43. MOSS Search: TotalAvailable & TotalRows not accurate
  44. SharePoint 2007 redirect solved: using 301 instead of 302 redirects
  45. Requesting SharePoint User Profiles
  46. SharePoint Database Mirroring Script
  47. Leveraging the use of Site Columns – Part I
  48. Custom Action URL Won’t Display for New Feature

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