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Links (2/28/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 28, 2008


  1. Be Careful with the BDC “hurricane” (update) button
  2. Alternate Access Mappings in MOSS Server Farm
  3. TIP: Creation of Lists with Hidden Columns via code
  4. EndUserSharePoint.com: Permissions on Workflow
  5. SharePoint Reading for the Weekend
  6. Introducing The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users
  7. Site Provisioning Workflow with Custom SharePoint Designer Activity
  8. New version of Content Deployment Wizard released
  9. New free features by Scott Applying Unique Constraints to SharePoint List Columns Hiding Individual Menu Items on SharePoint Toolbars Reset Theme (sets the site theme and logo for every site in a site collection)
  10. Leveraging the use of Site Columns – Part II
  11. Help! My SearchBox Web Part won’t Submit
  12. SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) – Creating an ItemUpdating Event Handler as a feature and Packaging it in .wsp
  13. Using Reflector to See SharePoint’s “Source” Code
  14. Site Provisioning Workflow with Custom SharePoint Designer Activity
  15. Popular Demand… More HttpModule Sample Code
  16. New Whitepaper: Database Maintenance for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies


  1. Meet the new OneNote 2007 “Help & How-to” home page
  2. New 2008 calendars in OneNote

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Better Alternative: Debugging Assemblies Located in the GAC

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 28, 2008

I wrote a post listing steps for debugging assemblies located in the GAC. Today I ran into an issue, when I ran Start-Run-%SYSTEMROOT%AssemblyGAC, where the folder which contains my DLL was not available. After digging around, it appears the assembly is in the GAC but isn’t in the GAC.

Anyway, I poked around Visual Studio and found an improved option.

1. Open Visual Studio
2. Open Tools-Options and navigate to the Debugging item
3. Uncheck the option “Enable Just My Code (Managed only)”
4. Select Debug-Attach to Process.
5. Select the correct w3wp process. To know the correct w3wp process, see this post.
6. Set breakpoints accordingly.

Update: Doug Ware has a similar post – “great minds think alike”. It contains a little more information and pictures. Worth checking out.

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Links (2/27/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 27, 2008


  1. **** SharePoint SDK Downloads Now Live with SP1 Updates
  2. **** STSADM Commands – wow, what a list!!!
  3. **** Should I install SP1? What if I was told to wait? Post SP1 Rollup and Black out Rollup Now Available
  4. **** CopyUtil.aspx: a little SharePoint Gem
  5. Web Part, go Configure Yourself – using JavaScript and Web Part Page Services Component (WPSC)
  6. Mossman’s Weather Web Part
  7. SharePoint Logs – feature to view logs in CA
  8. “How to build a SharePoint dev box” updated
  9. More on PDFs in WSS 3.0 sp1– Or what I did wrong when trying to add an icon for PDF files
  10. Understanding connected world of MOSS 2007
  11. Quickly filter a List/Document Library View using URL
  12. Export Site Columns – STSADM command
  13. Export Content Types – STSADM command
  14. Using NAnt to Build SharePoint Solutions
  15. Building A Web Part
  16. Getting Sites and Webs during Feature Activation in SharePoint
  17. Where to Find SharePoint Templates
  18. PowerShell script to back-up site collections
  19. PowerShell-SharePoint: Add a list item
  20. PowerShell-SharePoint: Three ways to delete a list item: ID, CAML, string matching
  21. Adding Flash animation in SharePoint Blog and other lists pt. 1
  22. Adding Flash animation in SharePoint Blog and other lists pt. 2
  23. SharePoint IIS Traffic Analysis
  24. MOSS WSS Components Architecture in a single diagram – very nice!
  25. New to SharePoint administration? – videos and white papers
  26. 2008’ified – working on a Windows Server 2008 VM now
  27. Change the port for central admin – stsadm –o setadminport –port 5555
  28. Adding webparts to other SharePoint pages than homepage and webpart page – ?PageView=Shared&ToolPaneView=2
  29. EndUserSharePoint.com: How do I redefine the default location for saving files?
  30. Deploying MOSS 2007 to Windows Server 2008
  31. Preformatted document libraries for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007
  32. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections – XCII – 17th – 25th February 2008
  33. SharePoint and PowerShell Virtual lab
  34. Outlook as a SharePoint client, online and offline
  35. SharePoint Internals: Resources
  36. Programmatically Add and Remove Items from the Quick Launch Bar
  37. SharePoint 2007 ContentTypeID’s
  38. SharePointology


  1. Office’s Undervalued Prospect: Microsoft OneNote
  2. Converting Forms to InfoPath Forms
  3. InfoPath form viewer webpart
  4. Coding in PowerPoint – how to get syntax highlighted code into PowerPoint slides + a hint at future bits
  5. Release of Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Office Case Studies

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SharePoint Life Lessons #001

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 26, 2008

Ran into a few anomalies I wanted to get down.

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Import a File System Folder into a Document Library or Vice Versa

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 26, 2008

One of my co-workers wanted a quick way to export a SPS 2003 document library and import the results into a MOSS 2007 document library. After a little research, found SPIEFolder and it works great.


Allows you to either Import a file system folder (And all files and subfolders) into a SharePoint Document Library, and also export a SharePoint Document Library to the file system for WSS 2.0/SPS2003 or WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007. This tool completely replicates the document libraries folder hierarchy to the file system when exporting, and replicates the folder hierarchy from the file system to the document library when importing.

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Links (2/24/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 24, 2008


  1. **** Site Definition developer helper scripts
  2. **** Deployment lifecycle when using Site Definitions and Features (including post production day)
  3. **** Site Definition Viewer – a Windows (.NET 2.0) tool to read Site Definition and Features configurations (version 0.1)
  4. **** Understanding the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 containment hierarchy to design efficient information architectures
  5. Using SharePoint Designer Workflows to Check-In an Item
  6. Navigating SharePoint Server Backup
  7. SharePoint WSS3.0 on Home Server
  8. Add STSADM to your system path
  9. What is the point of Configuration?
  10. Program and Employ Windows Services for Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  11. External storage option for Binary Large Objects (BLOBS) in Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  12. Displaying Custom Property in Editor Web Part
  13. Custom SharePoint application and System.IO.FileNotFoundException
  14. CRM 4.0, SharePoint and ASP.NET Trace
  15. Do SharePoint Developers Want a Developer Version of SharePoint? – yes, though I will never develop again outside of VM’s
  16. Wanted: Developer Version Of SharePoint
  17. Feature Activation Dependency + Hidden = Automagic
  18. SharePoint Errors: 6482, 7888, 6398 and 7076
  19. Views and Columns on Lists and Document Libraries Cannot Be Secured
  20. Free Download: SharePoint Server 2007 DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit
  21. Deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 geographically
  22. MySite Pages and Architecture
  23. Customizing the My Site look and feel
  24. How to: Hack a Class Library Project into a Web Application Project
  25. Dynamically filtering the Content Query Web Part
  26. An easier way to Create SharePoint Feature Solutions
  27. How to: Programmatically Activate a Feature
  28. SharePoint Reading for the Rest of Us… and it’s Free
  29. Content Query Webpart fun
  30. Workflow not sending EMails
  31. Automatically populate a field in a document library using SP Designer Workflow
  32. Adding custom SharePoint Toolbar and ToolbarButtons in code
  33. Replace URL’s on the Quicklaunch in JavaScript
  34. Base class for skinned Web Parts and generator tool


  1. Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map Version 2
  2. OneNote web view + Sharepoint = happiness
  3. Office Developer Conference 2008 Post-Conference Resources

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Links (2/21/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 21, 2008


  1. **** Introducing the SharePoint SmartTemplates for Visual Studio
  2. Add Custom ASPX Pages or ASP .Net Pages in SharePoint
  3. Setup Incoming E-mail in Just 5,000 Steps
  4. WSS 2.0 to 3.0: In Place Upgrade Bad?
  5. Adding a New Survey to SharePoint w/ Alerts and Custom Permissions
  6. MOSS+ECM Training Supplemental Material
  7. Microsoft Announces Data Portability Principles for Office 2007, Exchange Server 2008, Office Sharepoint Server 2007, and Windows Server 2008
  8. Access Denied to Master Pages and everyone using Site Administrator Account
  9. Delete SharePoint Document Library Files Programmatically
  10. BDC does not play well with AAM
  11. More workflow issues and resolutions
  12. Has Microsoft Redefined the Order of Operations in Workflow Designer?
  13. Solution: BDC Picker Shows Only One Column Of Results
  14. Autocad and SharePoint integration
  15. New MOSS 2007 Sites Spotted and New Downloadable Templates for SharePoint – case studies
  16. Site Definition viewer
  17. Programmatically Add/Remove Site Templates in the Site Gallery
  18. Video: SharePoint Popfly Mashup Creation
  19. Free Stock Quote Web Part
  20. The Importance of Network Load Balancing (Part 1): Introduction
  21. Branding SharePoint Error Pages


  1. VSTO/VSTA Power Tools v1.0

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Links (2/19/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 19, 2008


  1. **** AC’s CR/R tools for SPDevs Updated: v1.1
  2. **** Subclassing the Content Query Web Part: Adding Dynamic Filtering
  3. **** Understanding how Web Parts are rendered, why to never use Render() and a bit on accessibility
  4. Enable Audience Targeting Programmatically
  5. Workaround for creating timer jobs after a restore in SharePoint
  6. Set content type at the folder level in SharePoint
  7. Advanced SharePoint Videos and Whitepapers
  8. Search Center Search Result Page Infrastructure
  9. Advanced Search Box
  10. Simple Search Box
  11. Debugging Content Deployment issues
  12. Building a news workbench on MOSS 2007 — Part 1
  13. Have I upgraded my MOSS environment with SP1 successfully?
  14. Quick and Easy: Get the SPFolder of an SPListItem in an Event Receiver
  15. SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night: vSPC2008 – i’ll be there
  16. Yet Another Event Receiver Debug Trick
  17. Building a Windows 2008 MOSS Environment? Dont forget your SlipStreamed Installer
  18. SharePoint post-Service Pack 1 hotfix package
  19. Implementing Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 and Windows® SharePoint® Services 3.0 Solutions
  20. Branding Master Page Tip #36 – a SharePoint branding tip for the top navigation menu


  1. Why are the Microsoft Office file formats so complicated? (And some workarounds)
  2. Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map
  3. Deploying Prerequisites for Your Visual Studio Tools for Office Solution

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PortalSiteMapProvider and CAS

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 18, 2008

Today I was looking to roll my own site map. Nothing special – just wanted to display the content in a SPTreeView. The code is fairly basic:

PortalSiteMapProvider portalSiteMap = new PortalSiteMapProvider();
portalSiteMap.IncludePages = PortalSiteMapProvider.IncludeOption.Always;
portalSiteMap.IncludeHeadings = false;
portalSiteMap.EncodeOutput = true;

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Oops! Mistake in Custom Application.Master

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 18, 2008

I have been working on a custom application.master file for a client. Things look good but when I attempted to add a workflow to a list, I received the following error:

Unable to validate data. at System.Web.Configuration.MachineKeySection.GetDecodedData(Byte[] buf, Byte[] modifier, Int32 start, Int32 length, Int32& dataLength) at System.Web.UI.ObjectStateFormatter.Deserialize(String inputString)

RESOLUTION: Duh! I knew this was an issue but forgot to remove it. The problem is I had the Search box included in application.master – a no-no. After removing it from the application.master, things seem to be working now – at least I was able to add a workflow. Next step is to create a HTTPModule which will automatically switch the application.master for _layouts pages. I’ll blog about this when I am complete.

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Links (2/17/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 17, 2008


  1. **** You don’t need to create site definitions
  2. **** Site Definition Viewer – a Windows (.NET 2.0) tool to read Site Definition and Features configurations (version 0.1)
  3. Advanced Lectures and WhitePapers (Great Resource)
  4. Is MOSS supported in Windows Server 2008
  5. WSS v3 to MOSS 2007 Upgrade “Fun”
  6. Adding Code To Every Page In SharePoint
  7. Solution: SPQuery Does Not Search Folders
  8. SharePoint workflow link wrap up
  9. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections XCI – 27th January – 16th February 2008
  10. SharePoint ate all my memory! – dealing with memory pressures in SharePoint
  11. How to install MOSS on a 2-server farm without AD
  12. Accessing the resource file ‘*’ has been disallowed
  13. How to: Get a SPWeb object given a full URL
  14. Postback Event when using SharePoint:PeopleEditor
  15. Getting MOSS 2007 installed on Windows Server 2008
  16. SharePoint Advanced Content videos and whitepapers now available on TechNet
  17. Introducing the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard
  18. Web Parts & AJAX
  19. Gantt Chart Web Part for MOSS


  1. Visio Trick: One-Color and Two-Color Glows

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Links (2/14/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 14, 2008

  1. **** Return of SmartPart v1.3 for SharePoint 2007 Released
  2. **** SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0 Dispose Patterns by Example
  3. Key benefits of the SharePoint platform
  4. Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Solutions
  5. Easy way to find a ContentTypeID
  6. BDC Chart Web Part
  7. How to set Item Level Permission for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) List/Document Library Programmatically (Part 2)
  8. SharePoint 2007 Permissions Matrix
  9. To Content Deployment or not to Content Deployment, that is the question
  10. More SharePoint Webcast Goodness Coming Soon
  11. SharePoint vs. File Share – Part 2
  12. Create folder, subfolder in SharePoint programmatically
  13. How to use WSS 3.0 to search more than one site collection in one go
  14. Prepare SharePoint to Send Mail from an Application
  15. Can I show documents to people who do not have MS Office?
  16. Update on creating a desktop shortcut to a SharePoint library
  17. Free training: SharePoint Training kit (Videos, tutorials, and more)
  18. Comparing two databases (schema and/or data)
  19. Super Simple Feature for Hiding the Search Scope DropDown

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Oh my! My SharePoint logs are HUGE!

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 13, 2008

Today I mysteriously lost over 8GB of disk space since Monday. They say size doesn’t matter but this is crazy… 8+ GB of SharePoint logs!!!!


Nothing in the Event Viewer shows anything out of the ordinary. The only thing I can think of is I have not been shutting down my VM recently. I just put the host into hibernate. Yesterday, I noticed my time was off by 9 hours so I reset the time in the guest. Bet I threw SharePoint for a loop doing that.

Bottom line: If you use VMware, I would suggest at least suspending the VM before hibernating the host. Weird!

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Links (2/12/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 12, 2008


  1. **** SharePoint Designer and Governance – good advice from Rob
  2. Visio Shapes for MOSS 2007 & WSS V3
  3. Collecting data from users in SharePoint workflow’s created in Visual Studio 2008
  4. ODC presentation slides – Customizing the BDC
  5. Using SharePoint Designer Workflows to Check-In an Item
  6. How can I display a source library in multiple sites?
  7. Tricks and Traps 2008-02-11
  8. VSeWSS 1.1 ready for download
  9. Announcing the Final Release of VSeWSS 1.1 (and the upcoming version 1.2)
  10. Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, version 1.1 RTM!!! + User guide Part 1
  11. Get a SharePoint List GUID from the Browser
  12. Configuring Kerberos Autentication on MOSS 2007
  13. Access Denied” on Custom Web Part – ran into this issue too
  14. Bind to a SharePoint List
  15. Out of the box list of web parts (SharePoint 2007 or MOSS or WSS 3.0)


  1. Microsoft OneNote 2007 for Organizing Clients, Favorite Blogs and Articles

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Links (2/10/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 10, 2008


  1. **** iFilter Pack for Indexing for SharePoint Server 2007 Search and SQLFTS
  2. **** Dev Tip: The SharePoint University of Reverse Engineering
  3. How to: Programmatically Back Up and Restore a Single Site Collection
  4. How to: Programmatically Restore Content
  5. How to: Programmatically Back Up Content
  6. Content Types: Part 2 – Creation and Association of Workflows and Document Templates
  7. Displaying Items in the MOSS Table of Contents Web Part
  8. Anonymous Users In SharePoint (Part 2):Solutions
  9. Anonymous Users In SharePoint (Part 3) : Welcome Guest
  10. SharePoint: ” Cannot get the list schema column property from the SharePoint list”
  11. Inconvenient SharePoint 2007 localization
  12. Using Delay activity in WSS 3.0 custom Workflows (Lessons learned)
  13. How to design and deploy your own SharePoint non-publishing team site template (best practice)
  14. Creating Effective Enterprise Portals by Using SharePoint Server 2007 – Technical White Paper
  15. How to create a Slipstream installation for MOSS with SP1 – for Windows Server 2008
  16. Backup and Restore using STSADM
  17. SharePoint: Restricting views by user
  18. Implementation of Logging and Instrumentation Application Block in MOSS 2007
  19. Email Notifications and Alerts – SharePoint Tasks List
  20. How to attach attributes or metadata to FOLDER in Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS) document library or any SP List
  21. Announcing the DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit for SharePoint Server 2007
  22. Dealing with custom content source in SharePoint Search
  23. Security trimming in SharePoint Central Admin
  24. Custom Master Page Doesn’t Work on Non-Publishing Sites – Error: The site master page setting currently applied to this site is invalid. Please select a new master page and apply it.
  25. How to move MOSS2007 from Windows 2003 32bit to Windows 2008 64bit


  1. Building OBAs with WPF, WCF, and LINQ

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Ultimate SharePoint (Portable) Developer Rig

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 10, 2008

Mike Gannoti has just purchased a new HP XDX. Seems perfect for SharePoint developers – except for carrying it around.

Oh my!


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CAML Query Builder – Returns all Items

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 8, 2008

I like CAML Query Builder. I use it often. Highly recommended. By specifying a URL and selecting a list, you can quickly build out your CAML query. There are a few things you need to be aware of however:

1. By default, the CAML query contains <Query>. If you include <Query>, the query will return all items in the list. To apply the query, remove <Query> and </Query>

<Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Sequence'/></OrderBy></Query>

2. The copy to clipboard includes double quotes which results in the error: CS1002: ; expected:

<OrderBy><FieldRef Name="Sequence"/></OrderBy>

To fix, just replace the double quotes with single quotes

<Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Sequence'/></OrderBy></Query>

I’m sure these items are documented – I just missed them.

Update 1 (2/8/2008): Looks like Àlex Peláez ran into the same issue.

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Links (2/7/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 7, 2008


  1. Changing service account usernames and passwords in MOSS and WSS 3.0
  2. Programming with the Windows SharePoint Services Backup/Restore Object Model
  3. How to: Programmatically Back Up Content
  4. How come I get a weird error message when my URL string starts to get long?
  5. SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool Released – behind the scenes
  6. Sample event handler to set a field as a primary key (enforce no duplicates)
  7. Standardization and Consistency is the key – SharePoint Configurator Released to Codeplex
  8. Avoid using hyphens in site column names
  9. Microsoft SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool Released
  10. Export/import site structure using XML
  11. ContentTypeID Syntax/Structure
  12. SharePoint 2007 workflow with Visual Studio 2008
  13. How-to Hacks: Always show Quick Launch on all pages (including forms and application pages)
  14. Caching Metadata on a SharePoint List
  15. MOSS 2007 WCM Issues (according to our customers) – Part III
  16. Project Server 2007 PSI: Find out the GUID of the current user
  17. Use PeopleEditor (People Picker) in SharePoint Custom App Dev
  18. SharePoint 2007: Pointedly Mistaken
  19. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – C# Protocol Handler, moved to CodePlex!
  20. How to change the timezone for Calendar View in MOSS (SharePoint 2007)
  21. SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) SP List operations using Object model (programmatically)
  22. SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) FBA and RSA – Unanswered Questions
  23. Downloadable books for Office SharePoint Server 2007
  24. Article: .NET Feature: Take Control of SharePoint: Here’s How (Building a comprehensive use strategy)
  25. Installing MOSS SP1 in a Medium Server Farm
  26. Replace URL’s on the Quicklaunch in JavaScript
  27. Installing Office SharePoint Server 2007 on Windows Server 2008


  1. OneNote Blog round up – January 2008

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February 2008 Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Announcement

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 7, 2008

The February 2008 Cincinnati SharePoint User Group meeting will take place on 2/11 at 6:00 pm at MAX Technical Training in Mason. Check out the website. There are two sessions:

  1. SharePoint integrating with Document Management, Caleb Miller, Tahoe Partners
  2. Real World SharePoint Deployments, Brad Young, ProSource Corporation

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Links (2/5/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 5, 2008

  1. **** SharePoint Search ranking rules and running it programmatically
  2. **** SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool 1.0 ReleasedLink2, Link3
  3. Simple “Sponsors” WebPart (AdRotator)
  4. Presentation Model in SharePoint
  5. Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Projects & VSTO
  6. Creating an AJAX Enabled Webparts in Aspnet 2.0
  7. MOSS 2007 WCM Issues (according to our customers) – Part I
  8. MOSS 2007 WCM Issues (according to our customers) – Part II
  9. Solution (sort of): Set Priority on a Task Using SharePoint Designer
  10. Resources for geekSpeak – Security from a Public, Anonymous Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Site with Jim Wilt
  11. Display a “New!” indicator in the Content Query Web Part
  12. Catching unhandled exceptions in SharePoint
  13. 403 Forbidden Error when Installing Custom SharePoint Features
  14. Video and Podcast: Get Ready for the Next Wave of Development for SharePoint
  15. Exporting List Definitions in a development environment using Visual Studio 2008
  16. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Novell eDirectory LDAP Authentication
  18. Tip for viewing People Import Gatherer Log
  19. Beginning my Vista gadget for SharePoint Events
  20. Resize the contentPlaceHolder in the Master Page?
  21. Anonymous Users In SharePoint (Part 1) : Introduction
  22. SPList: Sharepoint Object Model Considerations (Update list properties)
  23. Using ASP.Net Themes and Skins in SharePoint 2007
  24. SQL Query to Return All Items Checked Out to a User

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Links (2/3/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 3, 2008


  1. Microsoft Enterprise Library – Using Design Patterns and Best Practices with SharePoint 2007 development
  2. Developing SharePoint Features
  3. Office SharePoint Server 2007 deployment guide and checklists
  4. New Deployment Essentials Guide
  5. Automatically Deploy Any File to SharePoint When you Debug a SharePoint Solution
  6. Export BDC(Business Data Catalog) Data to Excel
  7. Extending the Connect To menu item
  8. Silverlight Display Web Part and Why You Should Always Do Least Privileged Testing
  9. Virtual Earth and SharePoint integration
  10. SharePoint Cross-site Configurator for those weary Admins
  11. MOSS Faceted Search 2.0 is released
  12. Installing MOSS 2007 from scratch
  13. Six tools for SharePoint Users
  14. Event 7076, 6398, 6482 regularly displayed in the Event Log on a SharePoint Server
  15. SharePoint Forms Based Authentication
  16. A Third Developer Feature – inspect the different properties of a SharePoint web
  17. Creating & Attaching Content DB’s – the Lazy Man’s Way
  18. MOSS 2007 Personalized Rating and Tag Cloud with Search Integration!
  19. SharePoint Training Videos 01.30.08
  20. Adding debug capability to custom STSADM commands for MOSS and WSSv3
  21. Plan to deploy Office SharePoint Server globally
  22. Do a Full Crawl after installing MOSS SP1
  23. InvokeWorkflow – child workflows not supported in SharePoint?
  24. SPList: add columns to the DefaultView
  25. Get RSS Url for a list or Document Library Programmatically
  26. RSS Reader webpart with tab support and asynchronous periodic data refresh using AJAX
  27. SPWebProvisioningProvider and ApplyWebTemplate on publishing site definition (i.e.: BLANKINTERNET or custom
  28. Memberships Web Part “misbehaving”
  29. MOSS Accessibility
  30. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – C# Protocol Handler


  1. OneNote Resources

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