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Links (2/21/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 21, 2008


  1. **** Introducing the SharePoint SmartTemplates for Visual Studio
  2. Add Custom ASPX Pages or ASP .Net Pages in SharePoint
  3. Setup Incoming E-mail in Just 5,000 Steps
  4. WSS 2.0 to 3.0: In Place Upgrade Bad?
  5. Adding a New Survey to SharePoint w/ Alerts and Custom Permissions
  6. MOSS+ECM Training Supplemental Material
  7. Microsoft Announces Data Portability Principles for Office 2007, Exchange Server 2008, Office Sharepoint Server 2007, and Windows Server 2008
  8. Access Denied to Master Pages and everyone using Site Administrator Account
  9. Delete SharePoint Document Library Files Programmatically
  10. BDC does not play well with AAM
  11. More workflow issues and resolutions
  12. Has Microsoft Redefined the Order of Operations in Workflow Designer?
  13. Solution: BDC Picker Shows Only One Column Of Results
  14. Autocad and SharePoint integration
  15. New MOSS 2007 Sites Spotted and New Downloadable Templates for SharePoint – case studies
  16. Site Definition viewer
  17. Programmatically Add/Remove Site Templates in the Site Gallery
  18. Video: SharePoint Popfly Mashup Creation
  19. Free Stock Quote Web Part
  20. The Importance of Network Load Balancing (Part 1): Introduction
  21. Branding SharePoint Error Pages


  1. VSTO/VSTA Power Tools v1.0

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