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Links (3/9/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 9, 2008


  1. **** MOSS 2007 with SP1 (Slipstream) OfficeServerwithSP1.exe Released – Yeah!!!
  2. **** 10 Solutions Every SharePoint Developer Should Know How to Create
  3. Applying Unique Constraints to SharePoint List Columns
  4. Hiding Individual Menu Items on SharePoint Toolbars
  5. Working with SharePoint 2007 logs – SharePoint Logging Spy
  6. AKS 1.1 Released
  7. Getting SharePoint and Exchange Outlook Web Access to play nicely together
  8. Using the XML webPart in WSS to render RSS
  9. Customizing SharePoint – a webcast
  10. Microsoft changes the game plan for JD Edwards – SharePoint
  11. The SPListItem.CopyTo() method doesn’t seem to work on a custom list
  12. How To Create SubSites with Different Templates in MOSS 2007
  13. Installing WSS 3.0 and MOSS SP1 – “The update is already installed on this system
  14. Managing SQL Server for MOSS
  15. Smart Search for SharePoint v1.2
  16. Man, What a week! SharePoint Conference 2008 recap (Joel)
  17. Feature Stapling is really just for out of the box site definitions
  18. Feature properties, web.config, and feature properties inheritance
  19. Crawling a Content Source Requiring Basic Authentication
  20. Set Anonymous Access – custom stsadm command
  21. How to use PowerShell on SharePoint from wbaer
  22. How to Move a SharePoint Database To a New Server
  23. Solution Package (WSP)
  24. Tools of the trade – of a SharePoint developer
  25. Thoughts and best practices around the “Smart Part”
  26. Using a SharePoint 2007 content type in a List definition
  27. IE8 Beta 1 SharePoint Screenshots – not so good
  28. Massive operations in the same WSS/MOSS Document Library/List – Be cautious!!!
  29. Announcing the Community Kit for SharePoint: Enhanced Blog Edition 2.0 (CKS:EBE) final release!
  30. Options for branding application pages in MOSS/WSS
  31. Think About Your SharePoint Taxonomy Before Deployment
  32. SSP and OWSTimer Service – Job Descriptions Used for Synchronization
  33. Problems Importing Profile Data from BDC
  34. Content Types: Part 2 – Creation and Association of Workflows and Document Templates (Republish)
  35. SharePoint Change Management / Internal ‘Buzz’ Materials Released – BuzzKit
  36. Slow Performance Seen on MOSS Server WFE After Applying W2K3SP2
  37. Content Query WebPart Links Fail with 404
  38. stsadm –o export command and receiving a “Failed to compare two elements in the array.”
  39. Building a news workbench on MOSS 2007 — Part 2
  40. EndUserSharePoint.com: SPC2008 – Free “Quote of the Day” Web Part
  41. What to know about SmartPart, and LoadControl()
  42. Recap of my SharePoint Conference 2008 Sessions – Andrew Connell
  43. Creating Solutions with the Business Data Catalog (BDC) Session Materials – Todd Baginski
  44. Announcing “GEAR Up” for SharePoint
  45. Microsoft Online Services for SharePoint
  46. Announcing the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint
  47. Using Month element in DateRangesOverlap can return items not in the specified month
  48. Roundup of recently released Microsoft Solution Accelerators for SharePoint
  49. Using an Extension Method to check if an item exists in a SharePoint collection
  50. MOSS workflows: “This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited”, what the heck?
  51. Go SharePoint : Virtual Server 2005 Gotcha…
  52. Single-select Dimension member Analysis Services Filter Web Part
  53. MSDN forums for sharepoint developer
  54. Switch the sharepoint webpart page Display Mode into Edit Mode and Vice Versa
  55. Not all sites appear in the SharePoint navigation and table of contents webpart
  56. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections – XCII – 26th February – 1st March 2008
  57. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections – XCIV – 2nd March – 8th March 2008
  58. Filtering and Formatting with Date Values
  59. Sort a List / Document Library view using URL
  60. Google Sites != MOSS Killer (yet)
  61. Visual Studio Solution for MOSS Feature Generator
  62. Assign a task to a Group
  63. Create good-looking WSS/MOSS Forms
  64. What to do When User Profiles Don’t Have Email Addresses
  65. EndUserSharePoint.com: SilverLight and SharePoint – does it work?
  66. More PowerShell Scripting for MOSS
  67. My Sites and Memberships
  68. Found Block That Points Outside Data File At
  69. Changing Links List In SharePoint 2007 To Open In New Browser Window
  70. Modify the Display Forms – SharePoint Designer
  71. Ghost Columns in Lists
  72. Saving site as a site template with DataView WebPart
  73. SharePoint Cross List Queries in a custom UserControl
  74. List All Databases In A MOSS 2007 Farm
  75. Move WSS3.0/MOSS2007 Databases To Different Server


  1. Office Business Apps with Visual Studio 2008 and VSTO 3.0
  2. Virtual PC and Virtual Server
  3. VSTO Power tool: SharePoint Workflow package generator
  4. A new OneNote Favorites Powertoy
  5. InfoPath Forms 2007 Web Service – Change URL – Fix URL – URL Problem
  6. How to show the forms library item data to which workflow is attached in the infopath based task form
  7. Stumbling Through: K2 [blackpearl] – Infopath Integration (Part II)
  8. MOSS 2007 Integration with Office InfoPath 2007

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