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Links (3/13/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 13, 2008


  1. **** Porting a SharePoint Designer (SPD) Workflow to Visual Studio.Net – Part 1
  2. Evaluating SharePoint Partner Solutions and Applications built on SharePoint
  3. MOSS – Common Issue – Incremental deployment fails with “The changeToken refers to a time before the start of the current change log.”
  4. WSPBuilder Extensions v 1.01 Released
  5. Content Types and CSS Resources
  6. New Design and Build Guide for MOSS 2007
  7. Training Cohort Solution
  8. Optimizing your web content management portal
  9. Web Part Properties and the AfterDeserialize method
  10. Unit testing and Commerce Server 2007 Contexts
  11. Removing Web Parts from the ‘My Site’ Web Part Gallery
  12. Details about AKS 2.0
  13. Announcing Accessibility Kit for SharePoint 1.1 and Future Roadmap
  14. Common error situation when using backup/restore to transfer a database to a new farm on MOSS 2007
  15. Folders within a SharePoint pages library are not supported
  16. SharePoint stsadm -o import FatalError resolution – “FatalError: The specified user [username] could not be found” and “Error: Unable to read cabinet info from [filelocation] FatalError: Failed to read package file.”
  17. Tips for custom EditForm and NewForm
  18. Quick and Simple: Provision a Web Site Using SharePoint Object Model In C#
  19. Backup Throughput Benchmarks
  20. MSDN: Implementing a Membership Provider
  21. SharePoint and Dynamics CRM Integration…and a good Dynamics CRM blog
  22. SharePoint Lists.asmx UpdateListItems: Root Folder
  23. EndUserSharePoint.com: How can I control the default views when clicking a header on the Quick Launch?


  1. Assigning InfoPath Form template to forms library in a custom site Definition
  2. The ramblings continue…starting out on OBA
  3. OneNote 2007 Help & How-to home page\
  4. Tips about InfoPath – Part 1

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