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Archive for March 18th, 2008

Links (3/18/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 18, 2008


  1. **** Create ‘open tool pane’ link in ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts for SharePoint
  2. **** Provide Status Updates for Long Running Operation Jobs – Part II
  3. Reasons to do a full crawl
  4. Top 10 Things You Need to Consider When Implementing MOSS
  5. SharePoint Product recommendation of the week – WSS 3.0 Connected Fields
  6. Silverlight 2: Unable to call SharePoint’s Web Services
  7. SQL Reporting Services data from SharePoint lists
  8. SharePoint: Out of the Box Permissions Matrix
  9. Hitting “Session Timeout” errors when you clearly are not supposed to be hitting them
  10. Using SharePoint Sites to Build SharePoint
  11. Database restore and file cache in SharePoint
  12. Get rid of Orphaned sites: Detach and Reattach the Content Database
  13. SharePoint Videos and WhitePapers
  14. SharePoint Lists.asmx UpdateListItems: RootFolder
  15. So you think you can change your Web Config?
  16. When to use “using” (To dispose or not to dispose – that is the question)
  17. BinaryWave Sonar – Component Level Performance Measurement Tool for SharePoint – How We Did It – case study
  18. Observed Behavior: Moving SPD Workflows Within a Site Collection
  19. External Collaboration Toolkit Release
  20. SharePoint Database Log File Cancer
  21. A couple of ‘hidden features’ for the CKS:EBE
  22. Stop Calling ActiveX Name.dll
  23. Roadmap to Document Management – pt1
  24. Filtering the Content By Query Web Part on a Yes/No Field
  25. VS.Net SharePoint Developer Explorer – code released
  26. Open Source Faceted Search for MOSS 2007 and Microsoft Search Server 2008 – Part 2 of 2
  27. Best practices for the local, stand-alone SharePoint development environment
  28. Displaying Users with Presence in XSLT Data View
  29. AJAXConnectableWebPart
  30. You Can’t Remove an Item from the SPPropertyBag
  31. Migrating Web Part Pages to Publishing Pages
  32. 2 New SharePoint Visual How To’s (Record Center and SPGridView)


  1. How to display InfoPath forms inline with Outlook email message

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