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Archive for March 20th, 2008

Links (3/20/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 20, 2008


  1. **** Everyone wants one – SharePoint asset viewer type web part
  2. Overriding Core Javascript Functions in SharePoint
  3. How to customise the SharePoint application.master file
  4. Get rid of Orphaned sites: Detach and Reattach the Content Database
  5. Fix For Bug With CustomAction (with source code)
  6. SharePoint Delegate Controls in SharePoint 2007 – Best Practices
  7. Moving sites within Site Collection
  8. Slidedeck for Accessibility Kit for SharePoint – Building Accessible Websites on MOSS 2007 session at SPC2008 now available
  9. Kerberos Authentication and SharePoint Key Resources
  10. SharePoint 2007 : SharePoint Quick Launch, SPViewPermissionSetting, SPListDisplaySetting
  11. Open Containing Folder in Search Results
  12. How to use MOSS output caching with custom parameters
  13. What is “SharePoint Farm”?
  14. Customizing SharePoint – A Webcast – lots of good webcasts
  15. SharePoint and AJAX Style Web Parts – A Webcast
  16. List Attachments over 50MB need more than an increase in Maximum Upload Size…
  17. New Registry File for Developing MOSS2007 Projects in a Workstation (XP or Vista)
  18. Check Outs Gone Crazy
  19. Content Query Web Part – Unable to Activate the Publishing Infrastructure
  20. Create Custom Wiki Tokens for CKS:EWE
  21. Returning GUID’s For Internal SharePoint Fields
  22. Set up SharePoint sites with user profiels and SSP correctly
  23. A bunch of different authentication options for SharePoint sites
  24. SharePoint Product recommendation of the week – WSS 3.0 Connected Fields
  25. How to add User Profile Property in MOSS 2007?
  26. Using the SharePoint developer explorer with Visual Studio 2008
  27. Redirect SharePoint Site to New Location


  1. Favorites powertoy for OneNote update, and developing a test matrix

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