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Links (3/24/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 24, 2008


  1. **** Introducing the Autocomplete Text Field for SharePoint 2007
  2. **** The What’s New Web Part for SharePoint 2007
  3. **** Development Tools – My list of plugins, apps and extensions that I use every day
  4. **** Showing Weather web-part using RSS & weather.yahoo.com (in Sharepoint 2007)
  5. **** How to Update SharePoint List Items without Creating New Versions
  6. **** Ever wondered how the CQWP performs in comparison to custom aggregation web parts?
  7. **** SharePoint.Performance: Optimizing Web Parts
  8. Removing Name.dll
  9. Some Useful MOSS Search Development Related Articles
  10. Content deployment in WCM
  11. Ghost – ReGhost
  12. How to get to the WebPart Maintenance Page
  13. Migrating SharePoint 2007 SQL Databases
  14. Resolving Issues with Faulty Features and STSADM EXPORT
  15. Information Rights Management with SharePoint
  16. EndUserSharePoint.com: Putting headshots in the Quote of the Day web part
  17. EndUserSharePoint.com: SharePoint 101 – Tricks and Traps E-book
  18. SharePoint Search Service Tool now available on CodePlex
  19. More on Silverlight in SharePoint
  20. Changing Passwords for Office SharePoint Server Accounts with STSADM
  21. FeatureReceiver For Applying Custom Web.Config Changes
  22. Understanding Sharepoint CAML query
  23. SharePoint.Performance: Retrieving List Data, Part Deux
  24. Creating SharePoint webs with Excel and STSADM
  25. PowerShell: Generating a proxy for all the SharePoint WebServices
  26. Link SharePoint calendars to Outlook
  27. Our Initial Use of Email Enabled Libraries
  28. Synchronous and asynchronous Event Handlers


  1. Top 5 OneNote tips, and a nice little win
  2. New OneNote 2007 training course for beginners

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