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Links (3/27/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 27, 2008


  1. Using TypeMock.NET To Abstract SharePoint With Mocks
  2. Stress Testing SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio 2008
  3. Style up your ‘Best Bets’ results in SharePoint
  4. Retrieve WSP file contents from SharePoint
  5. Silverprint a webcast on the SharePoint Silverlight Blueprint
  6. VMWare Could Impact MOSS Components Dependent Upon Time Such as Kerberos
  7. Disabling SharePoint TextField control programmatically from a Web part
  8. SharePoint List WebService to Insert Item
  9. CMS Watch Report: SharePoint Has Become the New Lotus Notes
  10. Adding a column to SharePoint news articles (design/edit view)
  11. Using calculated fields
  12. Using currency fields
  13. Using the Current User Filter as filter provider


  1. Create your own OneNote calendar using Outlook

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