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Links (4/1/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 1, 2008


  1. More Problems with SQL Server High CPU and MOSS Search
  2. 1 Night to Build a Social Networking Application with SharePoint 2007
  3. Debugging a feature when using STSADM.EXE
  4. How to delete historical document versions in WSS 3 / MOSS?? ….not entirely simple…
  5. Problems with a CAML Query and MultiLookup fields
  6. How to un-register an Event Handler on a List, sharepoint 2007, MOSS
  7. Updated Exchange Public Folder (vs. SharePoint) Guidance
  8. Switch the sharepoint webpart page Display Mode into Edit Mode and Vice Versa
  9. Implementation of Logging and Instrumentation Application Block in MOSS 2007
  10. RSS Reader webpart with tab support and asynchronous periodic data refresh using AJAX
  11. Get RSS Url for a list or Document Library Programmatically
  12. Disabling Cache Headers in v3 for custom controls
  13. SharePoint 2007: using ASP.NET server side code in your pages
  14. How to use Site Groups as audiences in Shared Services
  15. Cannot find Data Connection Library in WSS v3
  16. Determining the Current User Context inside Sharepoint
  17. Product Review of the week – Tzunami Deployer
  18. Associate an SPD workflow with a specific task list
  19. SharePoint Tricks: Adding Google Search To Search Scopes
  20. Groove vs. SharePoint? (No, think Groove *and* SharePoint!)
  21. Microsoft Interactive Media Manager – a Digital Asset Management solution built on top of MOSS 2007
  22. SharePoint 2007 (MOSS/WSS) – Programmatically modifying the incoming email setting for Document Libraries
  23. Site Definitions Demystified – Creating a custom site definition having Custom webparts
  24. Installing MOSS 2007 on a single standalone machine
  25. Execute entire page with elevated privileges
  26. Form Digest and SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges
  27. SPSite security context and the SPUser
  28. Extend Web Application
  29. MOSS 2007 Customization Best Practices
  30. Search Index and Document Size
  31. Buttons in the SharePoint Form
  32. Site Data Reports…I finally decided to shove something on Codeplex
  33. Add Virtual Earth Interactive Maps to your Search Server Site


  1. InfoPath and MOSS Development – Getting Started
  2. Passing multiple filter values to EWA pivot table filter cell
  3. Passing query string to a Infopath 2007 form
  4. Using case studies of OneNote to enhance our test planning

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