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MOSS RSS Viewer Web Part Note

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 2, 2008

This could be old news and everybody knows it but I was banging my head against the wall. I was attempting to display a stock quote on my client’s site. I found a feed and if I took the Url, pasted it into a browser, and refreshed it, the data would update every 5 minutes or so. I then took the feed and used it in RSS Viewer Web Part and the update would not match the browser – even after I refreshed the page.

Turns out the issue is the OOTB RSS Viewer Web Part has a built in cache interval of 30 minutes. Duh!

Below are three, non-OOTB, RSS Web Parts available: 

Hopefully this saves someone some time.

Thanks to John Ferringer for keeping my sanity.


2 Responses to “MOSS RSS Viewer Web Part Note”

  1. Sergiu said

    Here is another third party RSS viewer web part that supports authenticated feeds: http://www.wundurful.com/market/Default.aspx?tabid=416&PackageID=14446

  2. Will said

    That 30 minute cache is mind-bogglingly annoying! 😛 Good catch!

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