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Links (4/3/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 3, 2008


  1. **** Design Minute: SharePoint Calendar Width
  2. **** MOSS Navigation: Rounded Corners
  3. **** DHTML Tabs with Web Part Zones
  4. **** Floating (Movable) Web Part Task Pane
  5. Auto-Number (Auto-Increment) Field in SharePoint
  6. SharePoint Skinner Overview
  7. Code Access Security (CAS)
  8. Minimal Master Pages
  9. Using a Custom ContentQueryMain.xsl
  10. SharePoint Conference: Minimal Master and Core CSS
  11. SharePoint RSS Feeds UNHINGED
  12. Advanced Web Part Design, Part 2
  13. Feature Element Scope Matrix
  14. Disposing SPWeb and SPSite
  15. MOSS 2007 Content Deployment (Part 2 of 4)
  16. Building ASP.NET AJAX Controls (Pt 6 – Moving things to the server)
  17. Building ASP.NET AJAX Controls (Pt 7 – Server control implementation)
  18. List of SharePoint Content Type IDs
  19. CAML query with Person or People and Groups column in Sharepoint 2007 (using in Event Handlers)
  20. Customization of core.js file in SharePoint
  21. MOSS 2007 – Unsupported Practices at random
  22. Rename a File in a SharePoint document library through object model
  23. Making the Layouts section of the “Create Page” page easier to read
  24. Synchronous and asynchronous Event Handlers
  25. Shrinking WSS (Sharepoint) SQL Server Log Files
  26. Creating custom Views on Surveys
  27. Hidden Content Types and Site Columns in SharePoint
  28. Include IIS with Disaster Recovery Backup
  29. Backup Site Collections
  30. Automatically deploy the ServerAdminTemplates
  31. Un-Extend Web Application
  32. Fixes included in the different Rollup / Hotfix builds since Service Pack 1 for (WSS, MOSS, SharePoint Designer) – (update for latest build 6307)
  33. SPWeb.ProcessBatchData. A list is a list is a list?
  34. Mistakes you should not be making when customising SharePoint


  1. Testing themed controls for OneNote addins
  2. How to do a “Save Copy As” In Word
  3. Building a MOSS Workflow with Visual Studio 2008 and InfoPath

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