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Links (4/8/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 8, 2008


  1. SharePoint SUSHI – It’s not raw fish!
  2. “TFS Lite” for WSS v3
  3. Add a Counter to a SharePoint List Using an Event Receiver
  4. Enumerating Feature Definitions in WSS v3 and MOSS 2007
  5. SharePoint Anti-virus scanning exclusions
  6. Explorer View not working and Managed paths
  7. Content Deployment Failure
  8. File Shares and SharePoint. Still a Hot Topic
  9. MOSS and ECM Class Notes and Questions
  10. Navigation in SharePoint Team Site w/ Publishing Infrastructure Activated
  11. BDC Meta Man and MySQL
  12. Two new WSS 3.0 MSDN Visual How To’s Published
  13. Embedding the SharePoint Version number into the Word Document
  14. How to change the SharePoint logo on every page
  15. Getting started with SharePoint 2007 Web Parts
  16. Downloading data from SharePoint List to Database in 27 lines
  17. AGL goes live with MOSS – case study
  18. LCWP – Cross Site Collection roll up


  1. OneNote Side-by-Side
  2. Workaround for “turning off” the TAB key creating a table instead of a regular TAB in OneNote

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