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Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 Bluetooth Pairing

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 9, 2008

Scott Hanselman posted on packing light. One of his hints talked about using the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 without the dongle since it is Bluetooth enabled. Hmmm. I have that mouse. I have Bluetooth. In the past, everytime I attempted to pair the two together, it wouldn’t work. After messing around with it, I figured out what I messed up on:

  1. Turn on the mouse
  2. Press and hold down the connect button until the light flashes an alternate green/red (this is the step I missed).
  3. Go into Bluetooth devices.
  4. If the “Mouse” device is not in the list, search for the mouse.
  5. When it is found, select it.
  6. Select to not use a passkey.

It should now be setup. Now I can use my external wired keyboard, usb drive for Readyboost, another external HDD for VM’s, plus my favorite mouse.

10 Responses to “Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 Bluetooth Pairing”

  1. Vin said

    Thanks for the post.It helped a lot.

  2. Peter said

    Step 2 was the missing step for me too! Many thanks for filling this in!


  3. MN said


  4. Kev said

    Thanks again – could not find the steps anywhere else.

  5. Dzung Lam said

    Now I have my bluetooth mouse connected to my internal bluetooth enable laptop. How can I bluetooth my cell phone and my bluetooth headset to the laptop without disconnecting the mouse? Another word, all those 3 devices ore may be more are to connect the same time to a laptop bluetooth.

  6. kiro said

    You post it at 2008 and is still working thru 2010 thanks a lot I paired to my mbp 😀

  7. syed said

    thanks boss

    u mad my day

    thanks ones again

  8. Tobias said

    Nokia PC-Suite must be also turned of for pairing…

  9. Chuck said

    My Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 will not cycle the green/red lights when I press the button. I heard a sound like a small firecracker two days in a row. As of the second snap, the mouse stopped functioning. It has been out of service for many months and I still cannot find my receipt. Is there any way to get warranty repair or replacement from Microsoft without a receipt?

  10. Niels said

    I have managed to do these steps, everything worked fine. Now suddenly the connection between my mouse and laptop does not work anymore. This is after about 1 month of working fine.
    I had the same on my previous laptop, so am really puzzled to what it could be. I have tried restarting, pairing again, new batteries, but nothing seems to solve it.

    Anyone has any suggestion ?

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