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SharePoint Twitters

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 16, 2008

I always questioned Twitter. Why use it? Who cares what you are eating for lunch?

Assuming you can wade through some of the mess (I’m as guilty as others), there is a lot of value in it. There have been many times the past few weeks when I had a particular issue, I asked a question, and someone in the SharePoint community helped me out in short order (@fallenrogue, @richfinn, @ferringer, @nickswan, and @DougWare for starters). Brilliant! An instant messenger for the SharePoint masses.

Tonight I put together a list of all the SharePoint Twitter’s who I am following. Please let me know of any mistakes or omissions. Let’s build a community of SharePoint Twitter’s and help each other out!


Update: Looks like Lawrence Liu created a SharePoint-specific Twitter account. Something that was next on my list :).



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