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Links (4/22/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 22, 2008


  1. How to Use an EventReceiver to Automate Task Status Updates
  2. Event handlers configuration settings best practices
  3. Checking the current user’s permission on a web site or a list by code
  4. Developers: How Do I Learn SharePoint? – sound advice from Paul
  5. What I Would Do With Groove
  6. Thoughts about IIS (and now SharePoint!) : “12 Folder” From Here!
  7. Debugging Half-Installed-AJAX on SharePoint
  8. Building a 2008 MOSS 2007 VM – Part 1
  9. Inside SharePoint: Building Your SharePoint Infrastructure
  10. How to find the default SSP with code
  11. Getting XML data from Lotus Notes using ReadViewEntries
  12. Holy Nested Root Folder Batman
  13. MOSS SP1 Upgrade Process Step By Step
  14. How Do I: Build Custom Workflow Conditions for SharePoint Designer
  15. How Do I: Build Custom Content Types in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  16. Submit Data from InfoPath 2007 to a SharePoint List
  17. How Do I: Customize SharePoint List Views with SharePoint Designer 2007
  18. How Do I: Customize List Views with XSLT Transformations in SharePoint Designer 2007
  19. How Do I: Add Code-Behind Files to Master Pages and Content Pages in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  20. How do I: Create Document Libraries from List Items in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  21. Video: Batch Updating List Items in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  22. How do I: Batch Update List Items in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  23. MOSS is a Solution platform
  24. Using PeopleEditor Control with Web Parts in SharePoint 2007/WSS 3.0
  25. Getting your controls to appear under “Server Controls” in SharePoint Designer
  26. Where does that go in the manifest? or How To Build a Solution Pack (WSP)


  1. .NET Framework 3.5 and InfoPath compatibility issue
  2. Want to create Office documents on the fly?
  3. Validating a company email alias with Outlook
  4. OneNote should be your ultimate Office tool

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