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Links (4/24/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 24, 2008


  1. MultiThread in MOSS Page by implementing PageAsyncTask
  2. Navigation Custom Control for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
  3. EndUserSharePoint.com: Is there a bug in the sync between Outlook 2007 and SharePoint?
  4. EndUserSharePoint.com: When do I create a new Site Collection vs create a new site?
  5. The Degradation of Empirical Software Development Management Techniques
  6. Define Central Administration database to use in MOSS installation
  7. Fantastic article on WSS content migration / MOSS content deployment API
  8. Installing MOSS on Windows Server 2008 RTM
  9. My Free Stock Quote Web Part now on CodePlex – working with Brendon Schwartz on testing my Ajax Stock Quote Web Part (feel honored)
  10. CKS:EBE Blog Gallery
  11. Update a SharePoint List remotely with PowerShell
  12. Book of the month: Inside Index and Search Engine
  13. Select a view for Document Library web part
  14. Use Semaphores in SharePoint Designer Workflow to Prevent Endless Loops
  15. Google Map Web Part
  16. MOSS: Filter Views through URL Query String
  17. Don’t get stung with your hand in the hive : Modifying Built-In SharePoint Files
  18. Versioning Blogs Posts in WSS v3 and MOSS 2007
  19. SharePoint Load Tests
  20. Object reference not set to an instance – Webpart SharePoint
  21. The description for Event ID ( 27745 ) in Source ( Windows SharePoint Services 3 ) cannot be found
  22. Apply Custom MasterPage to MySite
  23. Displaying and Filtering Lists in another SharePoint Site with SharePoint Designer 2007


  1. Groove strikes back: Live Mesh
  2. OBA Composition Reference Toolkit 2.0

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