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Links (5/4/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 4, 2008


  1. **** SharePoint Pro Live – Free Online SharePoint Training Event (May 13)
  2. MOSS : How to pass the FBA authenticated user to a PageViewer Web Part?
  3. MOSS : How to get the credentails management URL
  4. Colleagues, Social Distance & Relevance in People Search, and other Social Networking tools in SharePoint
  5. Changing MasterPage programmatically for site collection and sub-sites
  6. By default, In the installation of WSS3.0 setup, you didn’t get the Audit logs reports option. if you enable the logs using event handler , you will not get the view logs of items.
  7. SharePoint & Search Server Scale & Performance Guidance
  8. SharePoint: Half-Initialized Folders
  9. How To : Set calculated field to read-only using Object Model
  10. New “stsadm -o updatealert” command in the SharePoint Administration Kit
  11. Propagate Content Type Changes
  12. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CII – 27th April to 3rd May 2008
  13. Feature Stapling Ordering of Events
  14. How to set SharePoint People Picker default value to current user through JavaScript
  15. Imtech Fields Explorer v1.2.0.0: Export your Content Types and Site Columns
  16. National Native Title Tribunal goes live with MOSS – case study
  17. SharePoint formulas in calculated columns
  18. Link To a Document In Another Document Library
  19. Introduction to SharePoint Queries


  1. Unfiled Notes – OneNote
  2. Create Your First OBA: Part 3
  3. Word cannot publish this post – part 2
  4. Get list of site users in InfoPath form
  5. Get the Full user name in web hosted InfoPath Form

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