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Links (5/7/2007)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 7, 2008


  1. Integrating Newest Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX into SharePoint
  2. EndUserSharePoint.com: How do I import my calendar into SharePoint?
  3. .Net comes to WebSphere Portal
  4. Adding Dynamic Source Parameter to the CQWP
  5. Mainsoft: Talking to MOSS is a WebSphere Imperative
  6. How to: SharePoint’s STSADM utility is your friend and how to Create Custom commands for STSADM
  7. SPQuery with Boolean and DateTime
  8. Mainsoft Puts a Little Bit of SharePoint in Lotus Notes
  9. IBM’s Quickr Woos Would be MOSS Users
  10. Another day another Codeplex ProjectWorkflow Activities
  11. Looping Through Items in a SharePoint List with SharePoint Designer Workflows
  12. Troubleshooting SPSite/SPWeb leaks in WSS v3 and MOSS 2007
  13. Preserving Rich Text Formatting in non edit-in-place scenario’s
  14. Checking if a Workflow is Running on an Item / SPWorkflowState
  15. CRM 4.0 (or SharePoint or custom application) and DebugView
  16. Insights: Why SharePoint Projects Fail
  17. Creating Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  18. SPListItemCollection is particularly inefficient because each loop executes a SQL operation
  19. SharePoint Designer Check-in and Check-out and Publishing – i’ve run into this
  20. Make a Link Site Relative in a SharePoint Master Page and Viewable to those with specific permissions
  21. SharePoint vs File Shares
  22. EndUserSharePoint.com: What is a KPI? Why would I use one?
  23. What is the Windows SharePoint Services VSS Writer service?
  24. SharePoint Development for the Masses
  25. Resources worth reading for SharePoint Developers
  26. MOSS/WSS 3.0 Deployment Guidelines
  27. Provisioning Web Part instances in a structured and repeatable way
  28. Video: Using LINQ in SharePoint (LINQ to SharePoint) – Recorded Webcast
  29. Iterating through the columns of a list with Powershell and the SharePoint Lists.asmx web service
  30. How to modify Content Type once it is deployed?
  31. Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model
  32. Checklist for Creating SharePoint Web Parts
  33. Structured and repeatable configuration deployment in SharePoint 2007 the Imtech way
  34. Hiding custom lists from the “create” page in SharePoint
  35. Developing and Deploying a SharePoint Feature – Part 1
  36. How To: Easily construct your CAML queries with CAML Query Builder
  37. How you start an implementation of the graphical design -Implemeting pagelayouts
  38. SharePoint Search Deployment Guidance – Part 2
  39. How to use CAML query to fetch data from a list?
  40. Live on SharePoint
  41. Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure gives Access denied
  42. New Release of the SmartTools for SharePoint
  43. Measure SharePoint Service Level Availability and Performance with the Service Level Dashboard Solution Accelerator Beta


  1. Note Tags – OneNote
  2. Knowing the full name of an attachment in OneNote
  3. InfoPath – Get the current user without writing code
  4. Localization in InfoPath form

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