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Links (5/11/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 11, 2008


  1. SPListItemCollection.GetDataTable() Bug?
  2. SharePoint End User Security
  3. Inconvenient Content Editor Web Part
  4. SharePoint Document Libraries and users
  5. WSS FAQ additins and corrections CIII – 4th to 10th May 2008
  6. Retrieving Items from a SharePoint List with Powershell and the SharePoint Lists.asmx
  7. SharePoint as a WCF Host
  8. SharePoint 2007 as a WCF host – Step #1, make a WCF Home
  9. SharePoint 2007 as a WCF host – Step #3, create a .svc file
  10. SharePoint 2007 as a WCF host – Step #4, Write a Virtual Path Provider
  11. Knowledge and Talent in a People-Ready Business
  12. Export Keywords/Best Bet for SharePoint 2007
  13. Lightning Conductor Web Part – Re-Strikes!
  14. BDC Meta Man
  15. Partner Solution: Spread for SharePoint
  16. SharePoint End User Security
  17. Building a news workbench on MOSS 2007 — Part 5
  18. Create, Update BDC Data in a SharePoint List Style Web Part
  19. Testing Whether ADFS User Is Authenticated
  20. U2U Caml Query Builder Feature: new version
  21. Server Side Integration of SharePoint and Facebook
  22. Preventing provisioning duplicate Web Parts instances on Feature reactivation
  23. ddwrt FormatDate and FormatDateTime
  24. Access denied when trying to get to shared services
  25. Create Amazing Maps on SharePoint With Live Maps
  26. Description of the 2007 Microsoft Office servers Service Pack 1 and the 2007 Microsoft Office servers Language Pack Service Pack 1
  27. Add DOC to PDF and Other Conversions to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Aspose Components
  28. Connecting the CQWP without changing ItemStyle.xsl
  29. Web Content Management with SharePoint MOSS 2007 (Part 1)
  30. Imtech Fields Explorer v1.3.0.0: Get to work with your Content Types and Site Columns
  31. Introducing the SharePoint Config Store for developers
  32. SharePoint Extranet Topology
  33. What’s Up with SharePoint? – review logs using Log Parser 2.2
  34. MOSS 2007 DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan
  35. SCCP 2007 Model for Operations Manager 2007 reaches RTW!


  1. Programmatically add items to a drop-down list box in InfoPath 2007
  2. Office Communicator 2007 + OneNote 2007
  3. Napkin Math in OneNote
  4. Office Development While You Workout

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