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Links (5/21/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 21, 2008


  1. WSS Content PlaceHolders Reference Picture
  2. Differences between a MOSS 2007 / SharePoint Publishing Site and a System Site (or Team Site)
  3. Does the !New tag annoy you?
  4. Worlds Largest SharePoint Alphabetical Blog Directory (300+ blogs)
  5. Recommended Third Party Products for SharePoint Server 2007
  6. Enabling SharePoint Intellisense in VS2008
  7. MOSS 2007 Content Deployment QFE Pack Now Available via MSFT CSS
  8. What you need to know about AllowUnsafeUpdates (Part 2)
  9. Creating MOSS pages using RPC
  10. SharePoint: Download Books for Office SharePoint Server
  11. Getting 5762 error moving site collections to separate database using STSADM mergecontentdbs
  12. SharePoint Document Libraries scalability
  13. Handling Error Centrally in a SharePoint Application
  14. MOSS 2007 – Migrating content from 3rd party content management solution to MOSS Publishing/Collaboration Portal
  15. PowerShell for Flexible Iterative SharePoint-based Development
  16. LINQ4SP – How to create a new item with a lookup to another list?
  17. SharePoint Elevated Privilege without RunWithElevatedPrivelege
  18. Creating MOSS 2007 features – a reference
  19. EndUserSharePoint.com: Content Types and Workflow
  20. What makes a “good” SharePoint consultant?
  21. Understanding How to Build Enterprise Search into a Team Site
  22. SharePoint Performance Quick Wins / Tips
  23. SharePoint Server 2007 Performance Counters


  1. “The selected file was not found.” – InfoPath 2007 Web form
  2. OBA Sample Application Kits Release to Web
  3. The Document Information Panel and InfoPath – the devil is in the details
  4. Templates in OneNote

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