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Links (5/27/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 27, 2008

  1. ****Solution Development in SharePoint 2007
  2. Inconvenient Content Editor Web Part
  3. Super Easy way to add WCF to SharePoint 2007: www.codeplex.com/SPWCFSupport
  4. Automate Web App Deployment with the SharePoint API
  5. QUESTION – I am Program Manager Charged with Implementing SharePoint – Now What?
  6. Take SharePoint Content Offline Without the Hassle
  7. Understanding Total Hits & Paging in the MOSS 2007 Search API
  8. Hide the seperators in the metamenu
  9. What I did to get Silverlight Working in SharePoint in Today’s Webcast
  10. Troubleshooting SharePoint CAS (Code Access Security)
  11. Enhancing the SPSecurityTrimmedControl – Trimming UI on any criterion
  12. Remember to Elevate For Event Log Entries
  13. Windows 2008 and SharePoint Better Together Part 1
  14. 10 Reasons why you want your SharePoint Server to be Windows Server 2008 – 64 bit
  15. Introducing the ExportCrawlLog STSADM Command Extension
  16. SharePoint Best Practices
  17. Uploading Files to SharePoint Document Library and updating any Meta data columns

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