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Archive for May 29th, 2008

Links (5/29/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 29, 2008


  1. SharePoint 2007 Quirks – Solving painfully slow spin-up times
  2. Announcing Commerce Server 2007 SP2
  3. Stop Messing With My Metadata! — Locking Down Form Fields With Javascript
  4. Updating Pages Library with Default Page Content Type
  5. Create compact and powerful conditions in your workflows using SharePoint Designer
  6. Issue with the WebPartManager class while adding webparts dynamically to a specific webpart zone
  7. SharePoint 2007 Sliding Window Calendar Web Part
  8. EndUserSharePoint.com: How can I manage columns widths in list views?
  9. Getting started with SharePoint and Silverlight – Part II
  10. Structured and repeatable deployment of Lookup fields
  11. Using ‘window.onload’ in SharePoint pages
  12. Incredible resource for all possible CustomActions in SharePoint
  13. Crawling phpBB or other forms based apps with SharePoint
  14. SPView Field Comparison
  15. Improved Image Web Part
  16. SharePoint, Forms Based Authentication (FBA), and viewing the Password Answer
  17. U2U Caml Query Builder (Windows version): new version
  18. SharePoint Silverlight Forums Screencast
  19. TechEd 2008 Preview – Part 1 – Project Server 2007 Line of Business Integration with the Business Data Catalog
  20. MOSS Visual Configuration – Part 1 (Search)


  1. Combining OneNote 2007 and SharePoint 2007 for Team Collaboration: Can You?, and Should You?
  2. Programmatically Build a Word 2007 Document Part 1
  3. Programmatically Build a Word 2007 Document Part 2
  4. Increasing Session Time Outs for Long Browser Enabled InfoPath Forms

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