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Links (6/8/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 8, 2008


  1. Day of SharePoint Developer Training – webcast on June 11th
  2. SharePoint Reporting with Nintex Reporting 2008
  3. You’ve got Questions (About Workflow), here are the Answers
  4. Solution Development in SharePoint 2007 Part 4
  5. Solution Development in SharePoint 2007 Part 5
  6. Solution Development for SharePoint 2007 Part 6
  7. Solution Development for SharePoint 2007 Part 7
  8. How to delete SPRecycleBin items?
  9. SharePoint – “Cannot connect to the configuration database”
  10. WSS FAQ additions and corrections CVII – 1st to 7th June 2008
  11. UPDATED: Building a simple ASP.Net page based SharePoint application in Visual Studio with the Visual Studio Extensions for WSS 1.2 with Visual Studio 2008
  12. SharePoint ListInstance Person Data
  13. SharePoint AjaxControlToolkit 403
  14. Announcing: Administering Records Management in Office SharePoint Server 2007
  15. Edit Business Data Using Business Data Catalog Actions and InfoPath Forms Services
  16. Introduction to SharePoint Products and Technologies for the Professional .NET Developer
  17. Chapter 7: Managing Complex Business Processes with Custom SharePoint Workflow
  18. Build and Distribute Workflows in SharePoint Products and Technologies for Use in Customer and Partner Environments
  19. Understand the Report Center and Dashboards in SharePoint Sever 2007
  20. Ten Tips for Using SharePoint Server 2007 with Excel Services
  21. Develop Workflow Solutions with SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows Workflow Foundation
  22. Adding “Jump to ID#” to a list view…
  23. Workarounds for ItemAdding/ItemAdded Event Handlers
  24. Best Practices for Elevated Privilege in SharePoint
  25. ModalPopupExtender and SharePoint 2007
  26. Multiple RSS Aggregator Web Part Example
  27. How to use Web Part Custom Properties in SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0
  28. Placing a link on the logo: You can make it happen!
  29. K2 BlackPoint
  30. Style up your ‘Best Bets’ results in SharePoint (pt 2)
  31. Managing Growth of Data, Database Sizes, SLAs and Solutions
  32. Web Content Management Resource Center for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  33. Populating BDC fields from a query string in MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) 2007
  34. Add SPFieldType.Choice, SPFieldChoice with SPChoiceFormatType.RadioButtons
  35. Reporting Services and WSS Lists
  36. SharePoint Content Deployment Error: The specified name is already in use
  37. Programming navigation in WSS 3.0
  38. Updating ‘ModerationStatus’ field
  39. Enterprise 2.0 – Midori + SharePoint
  40. Tomoye Ecco and SharePoint Integration – How We Did It and What We Will Do Next
  41. Add Blackberry support to Forms Server 2007 or Sharepoint 2007
  42. Hotfixes and SP1
  43. SharePoint Smart 404 Feature – looks interesting
  44. Creating a Enhanced MOSS 404 Feature – Part 1
  45. Deleting config values specific to a web application
  46. How We Did It: NewsGator Social Sites 2.0 – Enhanced Social Computing on the SharePoint Platform


  1. Schema Validation Errors with InfoPath Document Information Panels
  2. Create Office Business Applications Using Excel Services and Open XML Formats
  3. How Do I: Update Document Information Panels for Content Type Changes in SharePoint Server 2007
  4. Tracking Activity in Shared Notebooks

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