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Links (6/10/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on June 10, 2008


  1. How We Did It: Integrating Telligent Community Server Evolution 2008 with SharePoint Server 2007 – my buddy Leon was instrumental in this
  2. Roadmap to Document Management – pt3: Full Circle – From Documents to HTML Forms to Documents Again
  3. Write Better, Write Faster Using CQWP and dataTransfer
  4. Getting started with SharePoint and Silverlight – Part IIb
  5. Renaming Virtualized SharePoint Environment
  6. Rating System for SharePoint documents
  7. Solution Development for SharePoint 2007 Part 8
  8. EndUserSharePoint.com: Help! I re-labled my “title” column
  9. EndUserSharePoint.com: Pages and Sites in SharePoint 2007 (Case Study)
  10. Postbuild script for SharePoint project in Windows 2008 and Visual Studio 2008
  11. eXo Platform: The Open Source alternative to Microsoft SharePoint
  12. Great Visio Stencils for SharePoint
  13. Podcasting Kit for SharePoint
  14. Creating a SPListItem in a SPFolder
  15. DeliverPoint 2007 offers FREE version with production license
  16. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Continues to Emerge as Enterprise 2.0 Platform of Choice
  17. Imtech XML Sitemap (Free SharePoint Feature)
  18. Silverlight Web Parts Developed in ASP.NET for MOSS 2007
  19. How do I: Build an Expense Report Approval Workflow for SharePoint Server 2007 Using VS 2008
  20. How do I: Configure and Deploy Workflows to SharePoint Server 2007 Using a Solution Package
  21. How do I: Create Custom Workflow Activities for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
  22. Event handler on a document library with custom editform
  23. How We Did It: blueKiwi SharePoint Connector and OfficeAssistant
  24. PowerShell Plus SharePoint: Cornucopia
  25. Rewritable Web Parts Library
  26. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007® Scalability and Performance whitepaper


  1. InfoPath Managed Form Templates – upload status stuck or remains forever in ‘installing’ or ‘deleting’ state

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